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Right Ways for Driveways

Admit it, you rarely give your driveway much thought when it comes to your front end landscaping. For most of us, attention to our driveway ends once our car rolls off of it.  Our driveway landscaping involves some trimming and edging along the pavement and a quick cleanup of the grass clippings.

If you are willing to be a bit creative, though, the green space on either side of your driveway can become prime real estate for your inner landscape diva.  With the help of some carefully selected plants and shrubs, that strip of pavement can be transformed into a decorative oasis.  Landscaping the strips or zones on each side of the driveway not only brightens up dead transition zones, but it also can achieve a camouflaging effect for driveways that sweep to the left of right.  Carefully placed shrubs and other plants will hide your driveway from the curb view in these instances and greatly increase the overall appeal.

People will stare longingly. Envy will grow throughout the neighborhood.  Your legend shall sweep throughout the south, and a landscape God shall be born.

Are you ready for that kind of overwhelming power?  If so, follow these simple tips and victory shall be yours.

    1. Decide the Level of Maintenance: This is an important one and something you should consider carefully. After all, creating a front yard masterpiece is of little use if you do not have the time or inclination to keep up with it after the initial installation. Certain plant and shrub species darn near maintain themselves while others demand a good deal more attention to stay up to par.
    2. Prep the Runway: You cannot plant on top of grass or stone, so it is time for some work. Remove any sod or stones for the area you wish to plant and make sure you have decent soil present. If needed, now is a good time to supplement your foundation with topsoil or another similar additive. You do not want your new plant purchases starting off on a bad foot (root).
    3. Sketch it Out: You do not have to be a gifted artist to get through this step. The point is that you visual this project on paper BEFORE you commit to purchasing and planting. Take time to really get a feel for how the end product will look before you grab the shovel and head to the nursery.
  • Remember Where You Live: This is Southern Florida, and not just anything will tolerate our heat and humidity. Consider that your plantings, by nature of where they are, are likely going to be exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. Choose accordingly. A good resource for this is the internet, and many sites are dedicated to Southern Florida plants, flowers, and shrubs.
  • Be Bold: This is your time to break away from your comfort zone a bit and let your creativity out. Try plants or hardscapes that are new to you. Combine heights, colors, and textures in new ways. Let your inner Monet out and make it a work of art.