More About Us

Company History – Overview

At Seacrest Services, our mission is to provide premium quality services in a professional manner to achieve customer satisfaction while continuing to seek improvement in value and quality.

In 1975, Seacrest Services started as a full-service property management and landscape company. Seacrest was purchased by the current owner, Richard Fowler in 1996. Mr. Fowler brought with him 20 years of service related experience and changed Seacrest into the company it is today. Through his efforts Seacrest became focused on customer service and treating employees as family. Mr. Fowler is proud of the current management of Seacrest and the reputation it has in the community.

Since the purchase by Mr. Fowler in 1996, Seacrest has averaged a very impressive11% annual growth rate. We have taken great pride in the longevity of our client relationships and our customers’ continued satisfaction with our quality services.

The longevity of our clients is matched by the tenure of our employees. We maintain one of the highest levels of experienced employees in our industry, ensuring that your property or association gets the professionalism and knowledge it deserves.

Main Services Include:

• Property Management

• Accounting

• Landscape Services

• Maintenance

• Janitorial

• Construction Services

• Commercial Property Services