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Why Seacrest – Overview

The Seacrest Solution for Total Community Association Management!

Answers to the 10 most important questions for success

Please characterize your company’s approach to the provision of management services to our community. What are basic underlying concepts, principles and methods?

Seacrest Services believes in a total quality management approach towards management and services to our customers. Defining the desired results, identifying the appropriate means, implementing systems of measurement, while continuously seeking improvement, all become underlying foundations of this approach. We serve as a resource to the community for professional advice, technical expertise, and professional execution of the required management duties. In addition to performing the contractually agreed services, we constantly seek to add value to your community by employing a proactive approach to your short, medium and long-term goals.

We employ a staff of certified professionals in all aspects of management and property maintenance services. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, wages and benefits above industry standards, sound management systems, coupled with our dedication to customer service, these professionals will provide premium quality management services to your community.

Do you assign one specific Site Manager to a community with primary responsibility for that community?

We will dedicate one property manager to each community. The site manager has the primary responsibility for his or her property. A senior manager, or a regional manager, both of whom will also have a full working knowledge of the community, further supports this manager.

How many communities are typically assigned to one Site Manager?

Each community is evaluated and carefully matched, with many properties large enough to support a full time manager, however, we have several full-time licensed managers who supervise up to four separate sites. Our experience reveals that managers lose their full effectiveness if required to manage more than four properties.

What provisions do you make for back-up support for the Primary Site Manager in the event of vacation, illness, or other unavailability?

Seacrest Services employs support managers in both floating and training positions. In the event of a scheduled or unscheduled absence of a property manager, a support manager is available to fulfill our contractual obligations to that property. In addition, a senior manager or the regional manager can step in to maintain the day-to-day operations of a property as needed.

How much time each week is the Site Manager expected to be on site?

Seacrest will determine with your Board of Directors the time required to properly manage your Association. We understand that you work within a budget and every effort will be expanded to create a management program that fits both your needs and financial constraints.

What do you expect your Site Manager to do while on the property?

While on site, the manager is expected to review the overall condition of the property, perform any scheduled inspections, provide follow up on work orders, monitor the completion of project work, liaison with the board members and owners as necessary, and deliver recommendations or bring concerns to the attention of the board.

What reports are generated and distributed to the Board of Directors and on what schedule are these reports delivered?

The board has available a detailed monthly Property Manager’s Report. Information that may be included are the following: Property Inspection Report, Customer Work Order Summary, Periodic Service Schedule Update, Monthly Financial Report, copies of correspondence, committee reports, complete work recap, and Manager’s Recommendations. This report is provided prior to the scheduled monthly board meeting. In addition, Seacrest tracks work order requests, response times, labor and material usage, safety, and other key indicators.

Do you believe that your company, and its managers, have any responsibility or investment in the work of the Association’s third party contractors? If so, what is that responsibility and involvement?

We take an active roll in the work of third party contractors at all properties we manage. We believe that our role as your management company is to be involved to some degree in all aspects of association business, and to help maintain and improve the overall value of the property. This includes, but is not limited to: Creation of task specifications, contract review and negotiation, insurance and inspection compliance, lien waivers, final inspection and final disbursement.

What particular areas of expertise and areas of specialty are available within your organization?

We are a diverse, full service company offering a wide variety of specialty services through a staff of certified and well versed experts. Some areas of expertise are as follows, and are provided through in-house staff:

  • Landscape design, installation, and maintenance
  • Full irrigation service, design, and installation
  • Tree removal, installation, and care
  • Exterior painting & fascia repair
  • Interior pest control
  • Lawn and ornamental pest control
  • Fertilization of grounds and beds
  • Exterior and interior building maintenance

What National or State professional certifications are held by your organization?

Seacrest personnel hold the following accreditations:

  • Professional Community Association Manager
  • Certified Nursery Professional
  • Certified Horticulturalist
  • Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control Operator
  • Interior GHP Pest Control Operator
  • Licensed General Contractor
  • National Arborist Association Member
  • Licensed Painting Contractor