Why Do I Need a Property Manager?

Owning a property can be a lucrative yet stressful business. There are so many components that go into maintaining a property, that you can begin to feel overwhelmed managing it all. Rather than drown in the stress, you can thankfully hire a property manager that can help you navigate through all the managing requirements. Seacrest Services is an experienced and licensed property management team that can deliver the accountability and supervision your property deserves.

Property Management

Seacrest Services understands how difficult it can be owning and managing a property. That’s why Seacrest Services was founded: to deliver the best property management services. Seacrest Services’ personnel are devoted to following this mission with top quality service. Seacrest Services offers a hands-on management system that executes a wide array of services, including:

•Review of your property on a regular basis and recommendations to the Board of Directors
•Obtaining bids and proposals for work to be performed and providing them to the Board for review
•Supervision of on-site personnel and contractors employed on the property
•Handling of all Association correspondence and routinely providing copies to the Board
•Attending meetings of the Board and/or committees to assess progress and assign tasks for action
•Preparing monthly management reports for the Board
•Assisting the Board in establishing specifications for Association insurance
•Obtaining and evaluating insurance bids
•Assisting the Board in the enforcement of Association rules and regulations
•Updating the Board regarding significant legislation, insurance, financial practices, court decisions, and tax rulings pertaining to the Association
•Offering the Board advice regarding administrative processes and responsibilities

Landscape Services

Another important part to owning a property is landscaping. Landscaping is an important aspect because it provides the first impression of the property to your clients. Seacrest Services knows a well-groomed and beautiful landscape can enhance the visual appeal and value of your property. This reason is why Seacrest Services’ landscaping services deliver the highest quality service to your property! Rather than hire multiple vendors to work on the individual aspects of your property, Seacrest Services provides services for these aspects all from one source. Seacrest Services’ team of dedicated and experienced landscaping professionals provide an array of services, including:

•Landscape design
•Landscape maintenance
•Full irrigation service including design, installation, and maintenance
•Tree removal, installation, and care
•Lawn and ornamental pest control
•Turf management
•Planting and transplanting
•Seasonal maintenance
•Interior and exterior pest control

Allow Seacrest Services to create a custom-tailored service plan that fits your commercial property or community association. Seacrest Services offers a wide range of services, from full-service property management and professional accounting to complete landscaping and property maintenance needs. If you’re ready to experience the Seacrest difference, contact us today by calling (561) 697-4990 or visiting our website for our contact page at https://seacrestservices.com.

Who Cares for Homes While Out of Town?

If you want your Community Association to prosper, you need the right property manager by your side. Seacrest Services has the management team that can deliver the accountability and supervision that every property deserves. All of Seacrest Services’ property management personnel are state licensed community association managers that undergo Seacrest’s extensive in-house training program. Our personnel are devoted to delivering quality service to your property! Quality service at Seacrest Services means going above and beyond in every task your Community Association needs. Services that Seacrest Services’ property management personnel provide include:

•Review of your property on a regular basis and recommendations to the Board of Directors
•Obtaining bids and proposals for work to be performed and providing them to the Board for review
•Supervision of on-site personnel and contractors employed on the property
•Handling of all Association correspondence and routinely providing copies to the Board
•Attending meetings of the Board and/or committees to assess progress and assign tasks for action
•Preparing monthly management reports for the Board
•Assisting the Board in establishing specifications for Association insurance
•Obtaining and evaluating insurance bids
•Assisting the Board in the enforcement of Association rules and regulations
•Updating the Board regarding significant legislation, insurance, financial practices, court decisions, and tax rulings pertaining to the Association
•Offering the Board advice regarding administrative processes and responsibilities

Maintenance and Janitorial Services

At Seacrest Services, we believe in doing the job right the first time, and we have the track record to show it. Seacrest Services offers clients with an experienced management team that incorporates innovation and the latest building maintenance equipment to deliver the best quality of service. Along with the best equipment available, Seacrest Services’ management team also utilizes the best cleaning techniques and commercial janitorial supplies to not only repair but maintain your facility’s appearance. Seacrest Services’ management team provides its top of the line service in a timely and professional manner. Allow our management team to take the stress of maintaining your property and show you the Seacrest difference.

Seacrest Services offers a wide range of services, from full-service property management and professional accounting to complete landscaping and property maintenance needs. Allow Seacrest Services to create a custom-tailored service plan that fits your commercial property or community association. If you’re ready to experience the Seacrest difference, contact us today by calling (561) 697-4990 or visiting our website for our contact page at https://seacrestservices.com.

What Can a Property Manager Do for Me?

Nearly everywhere you go, there will be tons of property management companies that you can hire to take care of your needs in South Florida. Seacrest Services is known to be one of the most competent and highly acclaimed property management companies in all of South Florida. While you may be wondering if there can be much difference between one property management company versus another, the fact is that yes, there can be. Not all property management companies are the same. At Seacrest, we strive to make the difference. From our wonderful staff to our comprehensive services, to our commitment with our each one of our customers, Seacrest continues to achieve the highest standards of excellence. We simply do not accept mediocrity. For us, every day is a day we go above and beyond to find new ways to simplify and better our customer’s lives. We want to make property management as simple and effective as it was always meant to be. If this sounds like the kind of property management you’ve been searching for, think about reaching out and speaking with our amazing staff. We promise to answer all your questions.

What Exactly Can “Property Management Companies Near Me” Do for You?

A great property management company can make everything work smoothly while an inexperienced one can create a world of mess and confusion for their client. When researching property management companies near me, it’s imperative that you thoroughly survey each one of their management options and services. It’s better to have a good grasp of their business model and mission now, when you’re weighing all your options than being surprised by it later and realize you can’t relate to their approach. After you feel comfortable with the amount of research you’ve done, the next step would be narrowing down your options. Ultimately, choosing the property management company that you’ll be working with should come down to a couple of factors: can you rely on them to provide outstanding service? Are they affording you the opportunity of collaborating on a management plan that works well for you? If you find that the answer to both of these questions is “yes,” then you’ve got yourself a winner. Don’t waste your time with unqualified property management companies when you can work directly with a management company near you that values convenience. Seacrest Services offers accounting services, management services, and janitorial services, and various others. With us, you get the whole package.

Reach Out to the Best of the Best Property Management Companies Near Me

If you’re on a seemingly endless search for the best property management company, then let us be the first ones to tell you that your search has ended. Seacrest Services is the property management company you’ve been looking for all along. Call us today for more information about everything we have to offer!

Looking for Property Management in South Florida?

Have you been down this road before, when in your property management company search, you’ve found that countless property management companies promise heaven and earth, but when it comes to acting and turning plans into a reality, frequently disappoint you? How can we be so certain that you’ve been through this? We looked at those same companies as an example of what we should steer away from. At Seacrest, our vision is larger and more ambitious. Some may say a little too unrealistic, but we believe that where there’s hard work and passion, nothing is impossible. Years ago, we had a mission to provide efficient, customizable, and convenient services that could improve the lives and businesses of our clients. Today, we are proud to say that we’ve been ceaselessly fulfilling our mission and commitment to our clients. We’ve grown and grown, and our imagination and talent have evolved all because of our amazing team. Seacrest isn’t just a business, it’s a community. We birth and foster ideas that continuously transform the lives of our customers for the better. If you’re enthusiastic about becoming one of the thousands of clients whose investments have excelled and whose lives are on an incline, then this may be the perfect time to reach out to the Seacrest Services team. Let us show you what our property management company in West Palm Beach can do!

Property Management in West Palm Beach Built for You!

At Seacrest Services, we believe in offering our customers unique and effective management plans that will adapt to their particular needs. For us, it’s pointless and problematic to design a property management plan that was meant for a different kind of property where the owner’s intent is different from yours. The purpose you hope to fulfill with your property must be reflected in your property management plan. Seacrest is a dream incubator that is capable of taking your ideas and turning each area of your property into a masterpiece. When you hire us to handle your property management in West Palm Beach, you’re not simply contracting a team to take care of your property’s finances, but you’re also collaborating with experts in janitorial services, management services, landscaping services, and much more. In case you didn’t know, Seacrest is an in-house property management company, which is basically code for, “your wishes are our commands.” We can professionally and expertly bring your property management plans to life. Working with the experienced and well-trained team at Seacrest Services will be as exciting as it can be rewarding.

Property Management in West Palm Beach You Can Trust

If you’re still not sure about what property management company you’d like to work with, we’ll give you some time to weigh your options. We are confident that you will come back. Once you see what our lifelong clients have to say about us, there won’t be any doubts. For more information about our incredible services and opportunities, call Seacrest Services today. We are looking forward to working with you.

Your Community Management Checklist

The life of a community manager in South Florida is a very busy one! As an HOA and community management company, Seacrest Services knows all too well that whatever brings balance in the life of a community manager will make them the best. Our Seacrest Services community mangers spend many fruitful hours a day just making sure that they are providing the best communication and community association service possible.

With all of the potentially heavy workload, our community managers have learned to balance the juggling act with some of the best community management practices and cutting-edge technology. Seacrest Services is proud to share that we are the 2019 recipients of the Florida Community Association Journals Readers’ Choice, Diamond Level Awards for Property Management and Landscape Services. We have learned over the years how to fine-tune the balance of full-service property management and can tailor a specific plan for every unique community association and their managers.

There are some associations that try to forego a management company and have their board and its officers implement their day-to-day operations. However, this is no small task and one that is done more effectively by a professional management company like Seacrest Services. We have the years of experience and know-how to back up everything from site management to accounting services, to landscaping and maintenance.

While there is no legal requirement that an association needs a professional manager or management company like Seacrest Services, if the association does hire a person or company to act as the association’s manager, the person or entity should be properly licensed because their role in providing the best community management services is an important and all-encompassing one! All of our Seacrest Services property management personnel are state licensed community association managers and undergo our extensive in-house training program.

Our Seacrest Services community association managers take care of all of the operations of condos, cooperatives and planned communities through the homeowners or community association. Our talented team of some of the best community managers in South Florida can assist the board with such vitally important jobs as controlling and disbursing association funds, preparing budgets or other financial statements for the community association, assisting in providing notice of or conducting association meetings and collecting amounts due the association, complying with association government rules and regulations, and so much more!

Here are some of the ways that our amazing community association managers balance being the best at their jobs:

1) The are the best at communication: Community association managers are constantly practicing effective communication, whether they are taking calls or emails from homeowners, board members, and even vendors. Making sure that everyone feels that they are being heard and nurtured takes practice and professionalism. Seacrest Services provides some of the best technology for bulk email and texting to help redirect and organize all of those calls to one seamless experience.

2) Making use of the newest in technology: At Seacrest Services, we like to use modern software and technology that allows for two-way communication. It is very important for effective community management that our community mangers can keep a record of all conversations viewable to anyone on your team with total transparency, reducing the risk of something being missed.

3) Using the best practices for mobile site management: Community association managers have the important site management tasks of following and upholding the rules, otherwise home values run the risk of decreasing and communities in general can be seen in bad light. With Seacrest Services mobile site management, our community managers can cut down on the time it takes to upload photos or input notes and send it straight to the office. Whether they are checking on maintenance issues, inspecting for rule violations, coordinating orders, or improving the community with lawn care, pool cleaning, or any one of our comprehensive services available at Seacrest, our community managers have to greatest flexibility right at their fingertips.

All of our valued homeowners and board members find their experience with Seacrest Services more than meets their expectations. Some of our greatest strength is in our flexibly and experienced business operations skills. The best community managers at Seacrest Services provide optimum balance with streamlined communication, quality mobile experience, and the ability to deliver faster, more consistent, superior customer service that fosters growth and prosperity. By choosing Seacrest Services, you can rest assured knowing that you community will be led into a successful future with a hands-on approach that provides you with the accountability and supervision that every property needs.

How to Budget for a Residential Community

Although there has been concern in Florida that has highlighted the importance of adequate budget planning and preparation for every HOA, the beauty of good budgeting with Seacrest Services ensures a year of impeccable community association governance. At Seacrest Services, we take great pride in the longevity of our client relationships and continued customer satisfaction with Seacrest’s superior HOA budgeting and property management services. Seacrest Services maintains the highest levels of experienced employees in the industry and can tailor a specific plan for your community association or commercial property, from full-service property management and professional accounting services, to complete landscaping and property maintenance!

For boards of directors across the country, Autumn is known as the somewhat dreaded “budget season,” where budget meetings and discussions serve as the important starting point for different ideas about the community. Even though HOA budgeting can seem like an overwhelming task, with Seacrest Services by your side, we can simplify that task by making sure there is sufficient time to do the necessary work and planning – and by taking it one step at a time. The beauty of good budgeting with Seacrest Services is when we consider both your anticipated and unexpected community expenses and accurately assess sources of income and help avoid problems to ensure your HOA’s financial stability.

At Seacrest Services, we have the most comprehensive list of services for community association budgeting with accounting and financial services that includes:

-Maintaining the general ledger
-Preparing monthly and year-to-date receipts and disbursement statements with budget comparisons
-Supplying copies of monthly financial reports to the board of directors each month
-Organizing all bills with proper account numbers and preparing checks to be drawn on Association checking account
-Maintaining an up-to-date owners’ roster
-Prepare and issue maintenance coupons to all unit owners, annually
-Maintaining a monthly accounts receivable report and providing it to the Board of Directors
-Collecting and depositing maintenance and other assessment payments and miscellaneous receipts (these funds are kept separate from other funds managed by Seacrest)
-Consulting with the treasurer on an ongoing basis
-Providing an automatic account debit service for owners’ maintenance payments
-And so much more

Community Association Management and Budgeting with Seacrest Services

A community association management company is responsible for some basic services that can be offered to our communities, including some of the best budgeting in all of South Florida! At Seacrest Services, we know that budget season is the perfect time to reflect on what has or has not worked effectively in the past, and when to consider current needs when looking to the future.

The most effective way to budget for your community is to start by gathering the association’s financial documents from the previous two years, because having this much data helps to make better-informed decisions. Next, we can take this information and create a careful business and budget plan for the upcoming year that outlines annual, month-to-month goals. As we assist with crafting the budget for the coming year, we urge community associations to consider the special needs of their community, reviewing their most recent financial reports and previous budget performance. We keep in mind that reserves are the cornerstone of success for your community association. Some of the other areas to focus on while doing the best budgeting for your community association are:

-Requests for proposals: send out requests for all contracted services, including pool management, lawn care/ landscaping, trash removal, insurance policies, audits and tax preparations
-Focus on importance: Insurance, utilities, and labor costs should be your budget focus. Review before you renew insurance coverage and see about savings in water and electricity
-Anticipate repairs: maintenance, repair and utilities expenses are important in South Florida, so it’s best to look at what those costs were in the previous year and asses new costs you expect in the coming year
-And so much more

For a complete list of helpful tips for the best budgeting this year, contact the experts at Seacrest Services. At Seacrest Services, we believe that the heart of a thriving HOA is transparency, cooperation, and collaboration. The best financial governance of a condo or HOA community does not end with the simple creation of the annual budget. The beauty of good budgeting with Seacrest Services is that you will have our guidance through a month-to-month process where boards review the budget against actual costs and maintain management practices that are central to the fiscal health of a community and its property values.

How a Property Manager Files Vacancies

For property owners in South Florida, keeping your apartments, condos, and stand-alone homes occupied is vital to profitability. Vacancies are drains on your finances, as you have to maintain the property for a future tenant without the income to supplement those efforts. For owners of multiple properties, this financial strain may not be as impactful, but for those who are new to the rental industry, it can be the difference between success and failure. Trying to do it all on your own is a massive undertaking. Here are five perks of working with residential property management in West Palm Beach:

Greater Visibility

Property management services in West Palm Beach can help to increase the visibility of your rental properties. By handling the advertising side of the real estate business, property management companies know how to reach the right tenant candidates. Rather than just posting vacancy signs on your property and hoping to draw eyes, residential property management in West Palm Beach targets your local demographic on all the most popular rental sites.

Applicant Screenings and Property Showings

Vetting applicants to find responsible, financially capable tenants is time consuming, but necessary for running a profitable business. Don’t waste your time screening applicants and giving tours of your vacancies when you could be focusing on more important things. With residential property management in West Palm Beach, an expert team can assist you in choosing the best tenants for your space. At Seacrest Services, our team is dedicated to meeting your standards when screening potential tenants. We consider all factors, including rental history, ability to pay, and background checks. Our team ensures your property is kept clean and ready for showing at any time. With this dedication, you don’t have to worry about your vacancies sitting empty for long stretches of time.

Collecting Deposits

Keeping track of your tenants’ deposits is important. These funds are intended to protect you against unexpected expenses due to their negligent damage to your property. Failing to secure this money in a separate bank account dedicated to this purpose can leave you in a difficult position, unable to make necessary repairs and find a new tenant. Seacrest Services takes the stress off of your shoulders by handling the financial components of new tenancy. We help you collect and track deposits from new tenants, as well as ensuring they receive any due funds upon moving out.

Eviction Services

Perhaps the most unpleasant part of being a landlord is the messy process of evicting a tenant. Whether it is due to non-payment, misconduct, or destruction of property, terminating a tenant agreement can be difficult. Working with residential property management in West Palm Beach helps to ensure the process goes smoothly. These professionals ensure you are following the law, including proper documentation of grievances and notifications to the tenant.

Handling Tenant Concerns

Happy tenants are the key to maintaining your income as a landlord. Addressing concerns such as minor repair needs and maintenance requests in a timely manner is important to keeping tenants satisfied and attracting new tenants. Reputation and recommendation in the world of rental properties can make a massive difference. Knowing that their concerns will be heard and addressed in a timely manner gives your tenants the confidence to continue their tenancy. They are also more likely to recommend your property to friends and family members.

Let Seacrest Services show you the difference in working with residential property management in West Palm Beach. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for you.

How Hiring Professionals Will Help Your Community Thrive

As a property owner in South Florida, you understand the challenges of maintaining land. Keeping your property well maintained is vital in the rental property business. It can be the difference between filling a vacancy and losing money. It doesn’t matter how great an apartment or condo looks on the inside, if the exterior of your property is not well-manicured and appealing, your ideal tenants will likely continue their search before ever touring your space. However, handling residential property management in West Palm Beach is a heavy task for just one person. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a landscaping and maintenance service:

Experts in the Industry

Landscape design in West Palm Beach is more than just keeping the grass cut low or pulling weeds. Working with expert landscapers can greatly improve the value of your property. A personalized design helps to increase the appeal of space to potential tenants, keeping your apartments and condos occupied. With Seacrest Services landscape design in West Palm Beach, you get the expertise of horticulturalists, nursery specialists, irrigational contractors, and more to ensure your property is not only beautiful, but able to be maintained. We provide personalized consultations to bring your property to its highest potential.

Curb Appeal

All that work isn’t for nothing. Beautiful, healthy, and well-maintained foliage and flowers increase the curb appeal of any property. Using your space to its full potential can include developing outdoor lounge spaces for your tenants to enjoy, installing a designated dog area if your property is pet-friendly, or investing in beautiful hedge artistry. All of these factors can help to attract new tenants to ensure none of your vacancies remain that way for long.

Tree Maintenance

Florida’s subtropical climate makes it a great place for a wide variety of different plants, including many trees. Despite the fact that we don’t have a true Fall experience, our trees still shed leaves or lose branches due to heavy storms or other damage. Beyond this, trees require regular maintenance to prevent overgrowth issues. Seacrest Services property management in West Palm Beach includes land maintenance to keep your property looking its best. We can remove debris, trim back branches, and perform other tree services. Our team of specialists can also remove dead trees and stumps and plant new ones.

Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation is important to maintaining your property’s beauty and curb appeal. Ensure plants receive the proper amount of water as often as necessary to keep them vibrant and flourishing with proper irrigation. Custom irrigation is part of landscape design in West Palm Beach with Seacrest Services. Our landscaping specialists can install and maintain your irrigation system, so keeping up with the land is effortless. We can make any necessary repairs or changes as your property continues to grow and develop.

Interior and Exterior Pest Control

Just as Florida is a perfect environment for plant life to thrive, this sunny and warm environment is also ideal for pests. From spiders, termites, and cockroaches, to rats and other rodents, dealing with the threat of pests is important to keeping tenants happy. Property management in West Palm Beach must take these factors into consideration. At Seacrest Services, we offer both interior and exterior pest control as needed. By using a proactive approach to prevent pests, your tenants can rest assured that their homes will be pest-free. Should an infestation occur anyway, we respond promptly to address the issue without inconveniencing you or your tenants.

Want to learn more about Seacrest Services? Contact us today to find out how we can serve you!

Why You Need Association Management

If you have been searching for a community association management company near you in the South Florida area, chances are you have come across Seacrest Services, as we are voted one of the best choices for efficient and effective community association management throughout Stuart and Martin County. Our Seacrest Services team members are local South Floridians with roots that run deep into the communities near you. Every team member has extensive knowledge and experience in their specialty area of community association management and is committed to assisting with a wide range of community needs.

At Seacrest Services, we offer on-site management services for communities that need a higher level of support. Our top-notch community association mangers help with the common property and services of condominiums, cooperatives, as well as planned communities through partnerships with their homeowners and/or community associations. It is essential to have an experienced association management company near you to assist the board and owners in many significant community matters, including complying with association and government rules and regulations.

One of the most common questions we receive from people doing a search for local community association management companies in the South Florida area is how exactly a property management company fits into an HOA governed community. The confusion is understandable, since homeowners’ associations and communities seem to be filled with confusing industry jargon, as well as similar sounding and complicated names. However, it’s important to understand the vital role we play in contributing to the organization and protection of your property values, in addition to the enjoyment of your community.

At Seacrest Services, we like to take away the mystery and provide simple and clear-cut answers, so you can get a clearer sense of how a management company like Seacrest Services relates to an HOA and boards of directors, in addition to what kinds of services we can provide. Here are some of the tasks that a top-notch community association management company near you can be responsible for:

• Administrative services
• Accounting and accounts receivable management
• On-site management
• Landscaping
• Janitorial and maintenance services

What is a Community Association Management Company?

A community association management company like Seacrest Services is a third-party consultant service that is hired by a homeowners’ association to assist with support of the operations of the HOA. We are an outside business with expertise in all of the South Florida county areas for management that carries out the instructions of your HOA board. The overall goal of every property management company is to help make your community the best possible place to live, and in doing so, protect property values for the long haul.

HOAs are supervised and administered by a board of directors. These boards are made up of members of the community who perform their duties on a volunteer basis. For example, most of the notices you receive are from your HOA board. However, in order to cover their large scope of responsibilities, HOAs turn to the professionals at a third-party management company like Seacrest Services, in which case the management company is simply the messenger. A management company would not make decisions on behalf of the HOA or the board unless they were instructed to do so.

If you are looking for the best community association management company near you, you probably want to know that the management company can seamlessly facilitate the directives of your board. A vital part of that operational support includes managing communications with association members and residents. Generally speaking, Seacrest Services will be guiding and consulting with the board of directors to capably fulfill their duties. We then fully execute the decisions and directives or policies that have been approved by the board. We also use the Seacrest Services system to document transactions, accounting, activities, and all records.

Seacrest Services is a full-service property management company near you, and we believe that everyone has the opportunity to flourish with the appropriate help. Our team has been in business since 1975, so it’s easy to see what makes us a top choice in your area. We work side by side with residents and every association and board of directors to ensure that they love the outcome and plans we’re providing. If you’re ready to experience growth, organization, and professionalism in ways you’ve never seen before, now is the time to start with Seacrest Services.

How Hiring On-Site Management Can Benefit Your Community

At Seacrest Services, we know how challenging it can be to find the right fit for on-site management services for your community in Stuart and Martin County. Seacrest Services is recognized as one of the top choices for comprehensive on-site management services in South Florida because of our proven management systems, sound guidance, and decades of management experience. Our approach to managing your community with on-site services will ensure that the job is done right, because we care about your community.

Our on-site management services also help homeowner associations to foster a real sense of community by increasing communication, coordinating association events, and helping increase member involvement. Seacrest Services specializes in preserving and enhancing the lifestyle of every community.

Your Stuart or Martin County community is sure to benefit from our exceptional and consistent service, as we are able to recognize and meet your community’s unique needs, expectations, and service level. From full-service property management services to accounting, and complete landscaping and property maintenance, Seacrest Services can provide optimal on-site management for your commercial property or community association. As your number one on-site management company, we act as your “boots on the ground” for the optimal day-to-day operations of your communities, associations, and properties.

Seacrest Services on-site management teams are committed to forming long-term, genuine partnerships with residents as we service HOA boards and community associations with administrative and accounting needs. We are available as a resource for a comprehensive scope of duties. Seacrest Services proactively manages every detail in a comprehensive community management program that emphasizes:

Board Meetings: As your on-site management company, Seacrest Services can facilitate and document board meetings, draft meeting agendas, distribute the information packet to board members prior to the meeting, attend meetings, follow up on action items, and so much more.

Community Checks and Walk Throughs: As your on-site management company, Seacrest Services can devote time and attention to ensuring that the community looks as good, is safe and well maintained, noting any safety issues in common areas, and subsequently bringing it to the board’s attention. We can make sure that all residents are doing their part to uphold the rules and regulations set forth by the association.

Accounting: As fiduciaries for your community association, Seacrest Services has a legal obligation to act in the best interest of your HOA. An on-site management company’s duties are defined by state law, and other tasks are important financial duties that the HOA board often does not have time to manage – which could be dues collection, accounts payable, and more.

Daily Janitorial and Maintenance Services: Our technicians are prepared to handle all daily aspects of janitorial and maintenance, which includes expert landscaping!

24/7 Customer Service: Our interactive “Live Operator Customer Service Program” is tailored to fit the unique needs of each association we oversee. This approach helps to promote a harmonious living environment all while reducing the need for direct board involvement in day-to-day issues.

With Seacrest Services as your Property Management Team, we understand that your residents are the lifeblood of your community, which is why providing quality customer service to each of them is our privilege. Contact us today to learn more about how Seacrest Services HOA property management can impact your community.