Seacrest Services Property Management Services: Emergency Plans in Stuart Florida

Seacrest Service provides property management services for dozens of South Florida coastal towns, including Stuart, Florida. We understand that the residents of your properties are the lifeblood of your community, which is why maintaining quality customer service is our privilege.

With Seacrest Services at your side, community associations are led into the future of property management services with fully-trained and experienced property managers. Our outstanding Seacrest Services team members are here to guide and support you through South Florida emergencies this hurricane season. Because Seacrest Services only provides the best and most reliable services, all of our property management personnel are state-licensed community association managers and undergo the extensive Seacrest Services in-house training program. We have regularly scheduled reviews of your property, and enforce association rules and regulations and prepare monthly management reports for the board. As part of providing the most optimal quality property management services, we like to make sure that our communities, board members, associations and property owners in Stuart are well prepared for the 2019 Hurricane season in South Florida.

Emergency Hurricane Plans in Stuart Florida

In Stuart, Florida, silvery sailfish and simple afternoons rule your glorious days by the water. The abundant shoreline of the Treasure Coast and natural beauty this small, intracoastal gem keeps generations of families—and new residents from various corners of the globe—calling Stuart home. The new two-mile-long wooden Riverwalk in Stuart provides free concerts on the weekends, fishing off the pier, and walking to local businesses and crafty shops. It really is a South Florida dream town.

As property managers for many towns along the Atlantic Seaboard, including Stuart, we know that it’s vital to review how to prepare for hurricanes before the next storm hits. It’s time to start reviewing your documents, insurance policies, and operations checklists to be sure that your staff is ready. We all hope that our home, community, coworkers, and friends never need to implement an emergency action plan. However, it makes more sense to be completely prepared for the possibility, rather than try to figure out what to do in the middle of confusion and fear.

Seacrest Services is Ready for the Rainy Season in Stuart

The Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1st and ends November 30th. Seacrest Services would like to remind all of our properties of the importance of being prepared and having a hurricane plan of action. Don’t wait until a disaster strikes. Take the time to consider what responsibilities your association should take on before, during, and after an emergency happens. Every community is unique, and your emergency plans should reflect that.

Seacrest Services believes that practice is an important part of effective emergency preparedness. Properties should develop and conduct a preparedness drill not only for hurricanes, but also fire, flood, chemical spills, airborne disease, and severe weather conditions. These drills are especially necessary where there are elevators, stacked homes with stairwells, or when the community is located near a major highway for South Florida evacuation routes.

Your plan should include but not be limited to the following action items:

-Maintain an up-to-date emergency contact list

-Establish a hurricane shutter policy

-Provide insurance coverage for the board

-Educate owners and residents on insurance coverage

-Back up and storing records

-Allocate debris storage space

-Identify residents with special needs for a hurricane execution plan, and

-Put together your vendor list and arranging for cleanup and repairs

-Develope a plan to communicate an evacuation order to all residents, and an “all-clear” when it’s safe to return home

-Provide residents with evacuation and emergency shelter information

-Install hurricane shutters before the wind picks up

-Remove and secure loose objects that could be dangerous when winds pick up, such as trash cans, potted plants, and pool furniture

-Shut off propane tanks

Call Seacrest Services for All your Stuart, Florida Property Management Needs

Seacrest Services can tailor a specific plan for your community association or commercial property, from complete property management services and professional accounting services, to the best landscaping and property maintenance in Stuart, Florida. Call today to find out more about why Seacrest Services offers the most trusted property management services in Stuart.

Seacrest Services: Condo Property Management in Stuart, Florida

At Seacrest Services, we love being known for trusted condo property management in Stuart Florida – and we love Stuart, Florida! Who wouldn’t? Known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World,” the city of Stuart is located along Florida’s renowned Treasure Coast, north of our office in West Palm Beach and south of Vero Beach. Along with fishing and other coastal pleasures, Stuart is famed for its historic and pedestrian-friendly downtown. In the historic downtown of Stuart, Florida, there is a quaint sailfish fountain that marks the start of a group of unique artsy galleries, cafés, restaurants, and shops on Flagler and Osceola streets.

All of these dreamy qualities have meant that many people who have dreamed of owning a condo property as a second home or source of income are choosing Stuart as the place to make that dream a reality. This is why top of the line condo property management in the Stuart area has become increasingly necessary.

Choose Seacrest Services for the Best Condo Property Management Stuart, Florida

Choosing the best condo property management company for your Stuart community can be a complex task. The busier real estate market in Stuart may have dozens of residential management companies to confuse your choice, and they might seem very similar at first glance. How do you determine which property management company will provide you with the best service? It is important to begin with asking a lot of questions of property or homeowner association (HOA) management companies, and also doing your homework! It was important in grade school, and it still is for making wise and well-informed decisions in the digital age.

If you think about it, condo property management companies may come and go, leaving you and your board in a bind. But finding a condo property management company that has been in the business for a long time is an excellent way to ensure that your condo property management company is probably here to stay. Having a professional condo property management company with decades of expertise and experience will prove very helpful if your community needs legal, accounting, emergency response, and maintenance expertise. The biggest benefit to a well-established company like Seacrest Services is by far that a company with longevity has most likely encountered and solved pretty much any and all issues or problems your community has; meaning that there’s nothing they haven’t seen and taken care of before.

Seacrest Services: A Tried and True Property Management Company

If it’s true that we are like a fine wine getting better with age, then Seacrest Services is a double-gold, award-winning Condo Property Management Company. The birth and heartbeat of our company began in the late 1960’s, when Seacrest was providing janitorial services to the Palm Beach County area. This was long before the gated communities in South Florida were only for the rich and famous. We catered to a variety of properties with a wide assortment of needs, always focusing on being impeccable to our word and providing Five-Star quality services to everybody. In 1975, “Full Service Property Management” became a part of our list of services, due to the large demand of the growing communities in the area. Seacrest Services was then purchased in 1996 by Mr. Richard Fowler, who expanded the company’s growing amenities and focused on delivering unparalleled customer service, making us the best condo property management choice in Stuart Florida!

Any organization can call itself a “full-service” residential management company, but this can mean very different things within the industry. Can the company help with strategic planning, arranging preventative maintenance and fund collection? How will a property manager be selected for your community? All HOAs – condos, high-rise, or large communities are different, so in order to provide the best service, property management companies should have a detailed process to find the right manager to fit the specific needs of your community. How do they handle maintenance issues when they arise?

Seacrest Services is the Answer

A top-notch residential management company will have procedures in place that clearly define how they’ll respond to maintenance and any other emergency issues that may arise; and as we all know, these issues always happen when we least expect them. 

These are some of the many questions that Seacrest Services would be happy to answer for you as you embark on making such an important decision. Call today to see how we can be of service to you and your Stuart Florida property.

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Winning Residential Property Management in West Palm Beach

At Seacrest Services, we know that being a winning property management company in West Palm Beach requires more than just providing excellent quality service, Five-Star ratings and the best reviews. Top residential property management companies in West Palm Beach also have to provide a full spectrum of various services that are required for the best maintenance, support, administration and upkeep of residential properties.

A Seacrest Services, we not only love what we do, but truly enjoy having a positive impact on the people who choose to live in wonderful West Palm Beach, Florida. We know that beautiful landscaping enhances the visual appeal and value of our many residential properties. As your winning residential property management company in West Palm Beach, we can promise your association that we will keep your property looking its best throughout the year with our dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable landscape professionals. We have the expertise to create and maintain a lush, healthy landscape for your property, and our comprehensive landscape services eliminate the hassle of having to hire multiple vendors. By choosing Seacrest Services, we can ensure you receive the highest quality, complete property management services from one easy source.

The expert Seacrest Services landscaping team is comprised of:

-A Certified Landscape Irrigation Contractor (U-22050)

-A Certified Nursery Professional

-A Lawn and Ornamental Certified Pest Control Operator

-A National Arborist Association Member

-A Certified Horticulturist

Some of the many landscape services included with our complete residential property management in West Palm Beach includes:

-Landscape design

-Landscape maintenance

-Full irrigation service including design, installation, and maintenance

-Tree removal, installation, and care

-Lawn and ornamental pest control

-Turf management

-Planting and transplanting

-Seasonal maintenance

-Interior and exterior pest control

So Much More Winning with Seacrest Services

For more than 40 years, Seacrest Services has redefined what winning residential property management in West Palm Beach means. Our full-service property management comes replete with superior amenities of lifestyle programming, convenient expert community association management, and unparalleled financial resources and organization for West Palm Beach communities – all provided under one roof.

Even though we offer white glove services, we are not afraid to get our hands a little dirty – so your properties can stay clean! With decades of maintenance and janitorial experience and a track record of “doing it right the first time,” Seacrest Services has the know-how to bring unique and economical solutions to maintain your facility. We are so proud to offer our clients an experienced and capable management team that utilizes the latest building maintenance equipment, cleaning techniques, and commercial janitorial supplies that will meet and exceed all of your standards of cleanliness and enhance your facility’s appearance. We have knowledgeable and experienced “Maintenance Technicians” who are prepared to handle all of the aspects of your day-to-day projects and even your large projects that need to be done in a timely and professional manner. With responsive janitorial and maintenance service and meticulous attention to detail, we can take the stress out of keeping your property looking its best.

The Seacrest Services community janitorial advantage includes:

-Full service janitorial

-Monthly lighting checks and bulb replacement

-General cleaning and washing of building exterior

-Upkeep of pool and patio furniture

-Event setup and takedown

The Seacrest Services Maintenance advantage includes:

-Pressure cleaning

-On-site handyman services

-Water intrusion cleanup

Seacrest Services stands out from the rest with our signature “Total Quality Management (TQM)” Program, which is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of your residential property in West Palm Beach. This innovative, proactive approach to property management keeps Seacrest Services at the forefront of our industry and allows us to provide the highest level of service to your association. Call us today to find out how you can be winning with Seacrest!

Seacrest Services: Property Management Companies Near Me in West Palm Beach

Ever since people started doing more Google searches with the additional keywords “near me,” it became imperative for property management companies in West Palm Beach to begin incorporating “near me” into their titles and content. In theory, if you search for “property management companies near me West Palm Beach,” then the best ones will rise to the top, so to speak, and be the first ones that you see in your Google search. However, this is not necessarily always the case.

Let’s face it, when you are looking for the best property management companies near you in West Palm Beach, you are virtually searching for a local property management business with local knowledge and expertise. Seacrest Services is your ultimate choice for a local property management company in West Palm Beach that is supported by systems and processes that have developed for over 40 years!

With Seacrest Services, you are guaranteed to get the best return on your property investment. Our years of service to the West Palm Beach community have helped hundreds of people avoid problems that could cost them money down the road. Not to mention that we focus exclusively on property management and nothing else.

We beat the competition in West Palm Beach by continuing to provide outstanding quality service and incorporating systems and processes that work optimally for our West Palm Beach communities and properties. Seacrest Services wants to be at the top of a search for “property management companies near me” in West Palm Beach because we have an innovative, proactive approach to property management, keeping us on the pioneering edge of our industry.

Stand Out Property Management Companies Near Me in West Palm Beach

To really stand out from other property management companies in West Palm Beach, you actually have to stand out twice: once to your client owners, the property owners who choose you to look after their buildings, and once to your client tenants, who live in those buildings. 

There are many ways that Seacrest Services does this:

Our TQM Program: Ensures that you are receiving the quality services you desire, and that all contractual obligations are met each month, with synergistic partnership between your Seacrest Services team and your Board.

Regular Inspections: The Total Quality Manager will conduct regular inspections of the property. During this review, services will be evaluated for contractual compliance, and work that has been completed will be assessed for quality and timeliness.

We follow Up: Follow-up meetings will be scheduled to verify that all requests or problems have been addressed and corrected to the association’s satisfaction.

We Redefine Convenience: One of the ways we do this is offering online applications, electronic deposits, and virtual tours 24/7.

Ensuring Quality Standards: Every Seacrest employee is committed to maintaining Total Quality Management and is reviewed and graded internally to ensure the highest quality standards.

Impeccable Customer Service: We customize your system to meet the specific requirements of your association and your residence.

Outstanding Landscaping: Our landscaping experts and south Florida experts can create and maintain a lush, healthy landscape for your West Palm Beach properties. We also have commercial landscape design and maintenance capabilities.

Accounting Services: Our state-of-the-art technology gives you the information that you need at the touch of a button, while our skilled accounting team provides support and assistance. We offer association accounting bookkeeping, accounts payable receivable, and budget preparation for community associations in West Palm Beach.

Professional Services: Our maintenance and janitorial professionals offer responsive services and attention to detail taking the stress out of maintaining your property safely and beautifully.

Seacrest Services is proud to announce yet another way that we stand out from the crowd. We are the recipients of the 2019 Florida Community Association Journals Readers’ Choice Diamond Level Awards for property management and landscape services. Call us today to find out more about making us your top choice for “property management companies near me” in West Palm Beach.

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The Principles of Asphalt Pavement Maintenance 
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Provider # 0007411

Summer is Coming! Time for Property Management Planning

Summer is coming! Florida is characterized by long, hot and humid summers. The warmer weather means a lot of outdoor activities, like barbecues and grilling, laying out by the pool, family trips and vacations… but for community association management, it also means the need for more air conditioning maintenance, problematic mosquitoes and other pests, as well as hurricane warnings. When it comes to property management, this is time for proactive preparation, checking properties, and continuing with maintenance and repair “To Do” lists.

Community managers are responsible for the safety and comfort of the communities they serve, providing important skills and expertise that are essential to the successful management of associations. All of the Seacrest Services community association managers are state licensed and undergo Seacrest’s extensive in-house training program. Their hands-on approach provides communities with the accountability and supervision that every property deserves.

You don’t want to wait until a major hurricane is hanging out off the coast before you take action! Proactive preparation and maintenance for summer will help avoid many troublesome scenarios. It could be a seemingly innocent broken light that results in a darkened area and negligent security. There could be an issue with the motor or pump in a fountain, causing the water to stop circulating which allows mosquitos to breed and spread disease (yes, Zika virus is still a real concern). The same faulty pump could cause water to splash, creating a slip and fall hazard and an association nightmare.

Why wait for issues to arise? Our innovative, proactive approach to property management is what keeps Seacrest Services leaders in our industry and allows us to provide the highest level of service to your association.

Property Management: Planning for Florida Summers

Maintenance and repairs should always be ongoing in a community as one item in need of repair usually causes a domino effect of issues. At Seacrest Services, we plan to hit the ground running with preparation that gets you ready for the summer of 2019. Here are some property management tips to prepare for a Florida summer:

o Check your air conditioner and electrical units: community managers can help ensure that AC unit filters are replaced every six months, which is a good standard practice. With the extremely hot Florida weather, it is suggested to have each unit annually serviced in order to avoid costly repairs down the road. In addition, all other electrical units should be checked for damage, as fire hazards and fire safety are a big deal- especially during summer months.

o Pest control: bugs are unavoidable in Florida, as they seem to thrive in our climate. Preventative maintenance means keeping a watchful eye out for pest problems and doing evaluations. Checks can be done at entry points on the exterior of window seals and screens. So what’s the buzz on bees? African honeybees nest in high densities like Florida, and have ushered significant changes to bee-related policies and management practices. There is a high potential for bees to nest in tree cavities, walls, and water meter boxes, and by pools. The state of Florida recommends that bees found nesting outside of private hives should be removed by a registered beekeeper or trained PCO (Pest Control Operator). As property managers, it is our responsibility to deal with an unwanted swarm.

o Hurricane preparation: summer marks the beginning of hurricane season, and also the best time to take action to prepare. Reviewing policies, insurance, and home inventories are vitally important. Community associations can prepare their properties for any storm by photographing and/or videoing all of the main public areas of the property. It’s also a good time to make sure there are digital copies (rather than paper) of any important documents stored in several computers and devices. Associations can develop a hurricane policy with reminders to distribute to board members and residents. Remember that floods can also devastate communities anywhere, because floods are not only isolated to coastal areas or flood zones.

Seacrest: Florida’s Best Full-Service Property Management

Seacrest Services has been providing the best full-service property management in Florida since the late 1960s. We began with providing janitorial and maintenance services to the Palm Beach County area. With our success, we have grown to service community associations from St. Lucie County all the way to Dade County.

Seacrest is focused on delivering unparalleled customer service through our TQM program that stands for Total Quality Management. We ensure that you are receiving the quality services you desire, and that all contractual obligations are met each month.

Seacrest offers everything from property management and professional accounting services, to complete landscaping and property maintenance needs. Seacrest Services can tailor an individual plan for your community association, HOA, or commercial property. We take great pride in the long-lasting relationships we’ve established over the years, and our continued success with our customer satisfaction. We maintain one of the highest levels of quality property management and some of the most experienced employees in the industry, ensuring that your property gets the professionalism and knowledge you deserve.

Keeping Up Curb Appeal: Seacrest Landscape Design and Maintenance

At Seacrest Services we are constantly searching for ways to improve the curb appeal of the properties we manage. Whether you’re in Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County, or Martin County, the terrain in Florida presents similar challenges and opportunities. Seacrest Services commercial landscape maintenance provides multi-faceted processes designed to help community associations create and maintain their optimum vision, all while keeping their landscapes healthy, clean, attractive and safe.

Nothing says success better than landscaping services that include not only sustainable development and functional maintenance, but also a harmonious and attractive overall landscape. The best landscaping is not just about maintaining, but also requires improving your landscape.

Seacrest Services can improve the curb appeal of your property within specific budget and time parameters. As one of the most popular residential landscaping experts in Florida, we have raised the bar for beautiful pretty high!

No matter what you are picking, like it or not, people really do judge a book by its cover. When it comes to picking the best residential landscape company in Florida, you definitely want to weed out the competition by finding a company that understands how making a good first impression means presenting the best image possible for your property.

Curb Appeal and Summer Landscapes

Curb appeal is essential to keep up with the Joneses! As the first thing people see should speak volumes, you want to foster long-lasting impressions with the best possible residential landscaping.

Since South Florida is home to some of the most popular travel destinations and attractions, and almost 40% of family travelers visit during the peak summertime months, your properties are sure to get some curbside views.

Residential landscape architecture and planning is really important as we head into our Florida summer months. The month of May is a time of transition for the landscapes and gardens of the Treasure Coast. The weather is significantly warmer, and the rainy season is at hand, making it a typically stressful time for landscape plants, shrubbery and trees. Special attention needs to be given to irrigation systems as well as hurricane preparation. But fear not, at Seacrest Services we think of our clients as partners, therefore our innovative and inspiring ideas are grounded in a collaborative process. We can help get your landscape installation or project in the ground on time, within budget; no if’s, and’s, or “buds!”

From full-service property management, professional accounting services, to complete landscaping and maintenance needs, Seacrest Services can tailor any kind of unique service plan for your property or community association.

Experience the Seacrest Difference

At Seacrest Services, we are focused on maintaining beauty in all the communities and properties we manage. By picking Seacrest, you will experience a world of difference in all of your landscaping needs. We are committed to 100% satisfaction! Call Seacrest for:

o Landscape design & maintenance
o Full irrigation services: design, installation, and maintenance
o Tree maintenance: removal, installation and care
o Lawn and turf management
o Planting and transplanting
o Seasonal maintenance
o Interior and exterior pest control
o And much much more!

To find out more about how Seacrest Services can make a difference in your world, call us today at (561) 697-4990. We look forward to working for you.

Reach Out to the Best Landscaping Companies in West Palm Beach

How Important is Landscaping Your Property?

Location, location location, that is the mantra we hear from realtors when deciding on a place to live. Besides that, how well you care for the landscape of your property can make the difference between whether you make the sale or not. Landscape companies provide more than just a simple service; they’re setting your property up for success. Most people judge a location within seconds merely by the appearance of the property. It is your job as a property owner to ensure that everything runs smoothly, that your tenants or homeowners are happy, and that your property is pristine. When you need help maintaining your property, it’s time to let Seacrest Services, a leading property management company in West Palm Beach, help you with your landscaping needs and more.

How Do You Attract New Residents to Your Property?

How do you go about attracting new tenants or residents? Perhaps you’ll try Internet marketing, word of mouth, or even a website. But did you know that one of the most important ways to market your property is to invest in hiring a landscape design company in West Palm Beach? A lot is riding on how potential residents view your property and its location.

Why are Landscaping Companies in West Palm Beach Crucial to Residential Sales?

It makes perfect sense. If your area is rundown and the grass badly in need of a trim, potential residents will most probably walk away. As a property owner, you want your residents to trust your word and it’s difficult to have faith in your ability to run things if the appearance of the property is shoddy.  Beautiful landscape design is aesthetically pleasing and can only increase the value of your property. It’s also a way to show your new residents that you care. By hiring a landscaping company in West Palm Beach, you can ensure that you’re staying up to date on all of the latest designs, while simultaneously keeping up on the health of your lawn and other greenery.

Trust a Property Management Company Who Does It All

At Seacrest Services, we’re proud to be a property management company that offers unique services and can help you successfully maintain and manage your property in a variety of areas. Whether it’s accounting, landscaping or maintenance, we have your property covered. If your location needs a face lift, call Seacrest Services today at (561) 697-4990. We are here to help you find the best landscaping design company in West Palm Beach and much more.

Looking for Professional Condo Management in Stuart?

Why Should You Use a Management Company to Maintain Your Condo in Stuart?

Searching for the right company to manage your condo development can seem endless unless you know what specifics to look for. There are many things to consider and many options to choose from. So, how do you narrow down your choices? It’s important that the property management team you choose has your best interests at heart, not to mention years of experience in a variety of crucial areas like HOA management, landscape services, janitorial services and accounting and billing. Seacrest Services is fully-equipped to provide you with outstanding management for your condo property in Stuart.

How Can Seacrest Services Help with Your Condo Management in Stuart?

There is a lot to know about property management. Why not leave it to the experts that have years of experience in the industry? After all, your condo development is one of your greatest assets, if not the most, and you want to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to contribute to its success. That means attracting quality homeowners and tenants. Our team at Seacrest Services can do all that and more. We have been working for years to provide members of the community with unparalleled condo management services in Stuart.

What are Some of the Services Seacrest Will Provide for Your Condo Property?

At Seacrest Services, we have the know-how to help your property in Stuart thrive. Our team is specially trained in all aspects of property management and can handle the difficult and often tedious tasks associated with homeowner associations for you. In addition, as part of our overall management package, we cover:

  • Maintenance services: upkeep of repair and maintenance of all condos. This includes monthly electrical and lightning checks, along with bulb replacement, general maintenance of building exteriors, water intrusion cleanup and repair, and more. We continuously work with top-notch vendors and with expert industry leaders like Dean Mitchell for contracting jobs and projects.


  • Accounting/financial services: we contract with an accounting department that handles bookkeeping, financial analysis and account management services. Our accounting team also works with an advanced software specifically designed for property management purposes named Jenark™, which develops detailed reports and keeps record of transactions.


  • Landscaping services: we have access to the best landscapers and landscape design companies. We contract with the best, licensed, and certified landscapers who will beautify your entire property on a daily or weekly basis. They perform regular maintenance and grounds-keeping duties.

All of these areas serve as the foundation of a successful residential property. If you are interested in hiring the best condo management company in Stuart, don’t hesitate to call Seacrest Services at (561) 697-4990 for a free consultation.