Three Reasons to Hire Commercial Janitorial Services in West Palm Beach

Do you own your own business? Are you proud to have numerous employees helping to make your dreams a reality? If so, congratulations! That’s not a goal everyone achieves, and it’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments. Once you have your physical location and your employees, however, it’s time to start truly taking care of your workers and your space. Not only will keeping the space in tip-top shape keep your employees happier (and therefore, longer employed), but it will also make your clients feel more comfortable when visiting. Here are just a few ways that commercial janitorial services in West Palm Beach can significantly impact your company.

Keep Employees Happy with Commercial Janitorial Services in West Palm Beach

As we mentioned, employees are the backbone of your business. Without them by your side, your company cannot run itself. Their happiness and satisfaction are essential to the overall environment within the office, their attitudes, and your success. When you have more cheerful workers, you have a more flourishing business. You might have heard that some companies have people called, “The Director of Happiness.” What does this person do? Essentially, they move from office to office, listening to people’s concerns, wants, and needs, and understanding how the business can better accommodate those requests. Having a janitorial staff is a similar job. They come during non-office hours to clean up after those who have spent their day in your space. From there, they create a harmonious and clean space for the next day. Having a clean space is psychologically better for making people happy. Satisfied workers mean you get to keep them for longer!

Be More Productive

There are numerous studies that show cleanliness improves productivity. When people are in clean spaces, they feel that they can get more done. As a business owner, that’s an essential part of your growth and prosperity. Without their productivity and innovative brainstorming, nothing would ever come into fruition. Therefore, hiring a janitorial service can give your team the clean space they need to perform at their best and ultimately, fulfill your vision.

Impress Guests

If your location is either retail or a service-oriented location, chances are you’ll have guests entering the office numerous times a day. With a janitorial staff, you can rest at ease knowing that your business is always presentable. When an office is dirty or doesn’t smell good, those reflections come back to the company. Even if it’s simply the state of the building, guests and visitors will associate those to your name.

At Seacrest Services, we offer commercial janitorial services in West Palm Beach to homeowner associations and commercial locations. There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing that your business isn’t operating at its optimal potential solely due to the state of your space. With our team on your side, you can be rest assured that your office, commercial space, or your property will always be in tip-top shape. Contact us today at 561-697-4990.

Residential Property Management in West Palm Beach

Technology Makes Residential Property Management in West Palm Beach More Manageable

Technology is making the world an easier and more accessible place, especially when it comes to residential property management in West Palm Beach. More and more, property management companies are beginning to add technological advancements to the way they do business. This includes an easier way for clients to submit maintenance requests, as well as quick ways for the Board of Directors to view the latest KPIs. Fortunately, at Seacrest Services, technology, and residential property management is our strong suit. Keep reading to see what we’ve implemented to make our lives, and the lives around us, more manageable.

Live Operator Customer Service Program: Residential Property Management West Palm Beach

One of our featured services is being able to offer live, 24/7 assistance for residents. Before, it was quite challenging for tenants to get a hold of someone. If it was late at night and there was an emergency, one person at the front desk might not have been enough. Now, when they’re a part of our live operator customer service program, they have the opportunity to reach out to anyone at any time. Then, they will be answered with a friendly, live, voice to assist! The overall goal of the Live Operator Customer Service Program is to bring peace to the living environment, and happiness to clients.

Easy Access Accounting Information

Our accounting is available through online platforms that allow you to check your stats at any point. We know when you’re running a business, you want to know the numbers often. Therefore, our easy-to-use online options will give you the ease you’re looking for, while still providing you with the essential information. At Seacrest Services, we think it’s important to be transparent with all of our clients. Our accounting experts help to maintain a general ledger, prepare monthly receipts, supply copies of the financial report to the Board of Directors, collect deposits, and so much more!

At Seacrest Services, we pride ourselves in offering fast and efficient services to everyone we come in contact with, whether it’s a resident, the Board, or the owner. Having online accessibility gives everyone more access in a shorter span of time. No longer do numerous phone calls need to be made in order to find the information you’re seeking! Technology in the property management sphere gives everyone peace of mind, even tenants.

If you’re looking for a technologically advanced company specializing in property management in West Palm Beach, you’re in the right place. At Seacrest Services, we offer landscaping, maintenance, janitorial services, property management, accounting, and more. With a team that’s incredibly full-service, why choose anyone else? We have years of experience, making us one of the top choices for property management in South Florida. Contact us today at 561-697-4990 and see how we can help your location flourish. With our management styles, we ensure that you won’t be disappointed!

Three Essentials of Property Management in West Palm Beach

Property management in West Palm Beach is common, as there are many condos, houses, and apartments that are being rented out on a daily basis. However, property management isn’t as easy or as straightforward as people tend to think. At Seacrest Services, we’re proud to say that we’ve dedicated our careers to helping property owners and homeowner associations manage their location with ease. There are three essential services that we offer that may be beneficial to you:

Maintenance with Property Management in West Palm Beach

If you thought that property management and maintenance were separate, think again. Seacrest Services brings those together! Maintenance is an incredibly important aspect of owning a location. First, you’ll want to maintain the garden so that your tenants feel they live in an oasis. You’ll also want to have a responsive contractor or technician on hand for any complaints from your residents. It is also important to have a janitor to keep the space clean all day, and all year round. At Seacrest Services, we provide our own incredible contacts of vendors. We’ve been working with them for years, so you can rest at ease knowing that they’re individuals and team members to be trusted.

Accounting with Seacrest Services

Not everyone knows that accounting services are a part of the Seacrest Services options. Our state-of-the-art technology can give you all of the answers you want, simply by touching a button! If you need assistance, one of our technicians would be happy to help. At Seacrest Services, we believe in being transparent with any and all information regarding your property. That’s why it’s available to you whenever you want it. We assist with maintaining a general ledger, preparing monthly receipts, supplying copies of the financial report to the Board of Directors, collecting deposits, and so much more.

Customer Service

We know that your residents are what keeps your company up and running. Therefore, we take their happiness very seriously. Our interactive Live Operator Customer Service Program helps to promote peaceful living standards while minimizing the owner’s or board’s involvement in the minuscule and daily pieces of management. We provide 24/7 live operators for clients, access to our online work order request system, and a detailed report for identifying all service requests.

When you’re choosing property management in West Palm Beach, don’t choose just anyone. Instead, choose the experts in the field. At Seacrest Services, property management, maintenance, and accounting are areas that we pride ourselves in exceeding expectations. Why Seacrest? The answer is simple – we’ll be by your side every step of the way. When you hire our team, your property is our property, and we can’t wait to help it flourish! Call us today at 561-697-4990.

What to Look for in Property Management Companies Near Me

If you’re searching for “property management companies near me,” you’re in the right place! What questions do you ask and what do you look for when you’re hiring? You aren’t going to want to hire just anyone to manage your property. In fact, your property was probably an investment, which means that you’re going to want a team that will protect that investment. At Seacrest Services, we’ve heard numerous stories of home associations hiring companies that weren’t taking their facility seriously. At Seacrest Services, we believe that we should always treat our clients’ spaces with respect, diligence, and efficiency. Here are a few things to look for when you hire your next property management company:

Reputable Property Management Companies Near Me

The first thing to look for in a management company is a positive reputation. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find information on these businesses. With a simple search on the Internet, you can find customer reviews and testimonials. By searching the web, you’ll find out what they’re like to work with, and how efficient their management styles are. You can additionally look up the company with the Better Business Bureau and ensure that they have a positive rating. An excellent reputation means that you don’t have to second-guess their talent or reliability.

Years of Experience

Managing a property isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it’s not something an amateur should do. Therefore, you’ll want to look for a company with years of experience. Did you know that the average timeframe a person spends as a property manager is nine months? You don’t want someone who is going to be there one day and gone the next. Hiring a team with extensive experience ensures that you’ll receive their time and energy for years to come. These individuals are going to be interacting with your residents on a daily basis. Ensure that they have the professionalism to handle them with care.

Ability to Work as a Team

The last thing you want in a property management company are people who choose to work alone. When you’re managing a space, there are numerous jobs. It is certainly a group effort. A high-quality, professional property management business will work directly with your Board of Directors to make sure that everyone’s needs and desires are being met to the best of their ability. If your property management seems to work in a more rogue fashion, perhaps you’re better off finding someone who is a team player.

If you’re looking for, “property management companies near me,” don’t search any further. At Seacrest Services, we’ve been in the business for years, making us one of the top choices in South Florida for property management. We even help with HOAs and maintenance in the state! When you hire our team, you’re hiring more than a property manager. You’re hiring a full-service property management company and accounting firm. For professionalism and knowledge you won’t find anywhere else, contact us today at 561-697-4990.