Marty’s Game Time! (Or Being Ready When the Other Shoe Drops)

Game Time! What a Great Mindset! 

Communities are often faced with difficult decisions that come in many different forms. Usually, the unexpected most concerns us. While we cannot predict these challenges, we can regulate precise actions to minimize their impact. 

Seacrest already has the safety protocols you need to follow in the event of emergencies and injuries. Please familiarize yourself with them. 

Safety Protocols for Emergencies and Injuries 

Being prepared is often associated with foreseeable circumstances and is important for maintaining a well-run community. But how do we handle issues we have never experienced before?  

  • As a professional manager, you should first gather all the information about what happened and its impact. This should include calling witnesses and staff and visiting the location, even after the event. Keep hearsay separate from the facts.  
  • For mechanical breakdowns, conduct a thorough one-on-one interview with the repair person to understand the exact cause. This way, you can intelligently answer questions later, elevating your standing with the board. No one should know more about your property than you! 
  • Strive to be the person in your community who knows every aspect and can provide every answer. Your value expands as your knowledge encompasses all that you survey. 
  • As a manager, you should communicate the issue to the full board based on the facts presented and your knowledge of the property. Your suggestions should be presented as an option for the board to comment on and alter. A strong, well-researched recommendation shows the board you are competent, caring, and loyal to the community. 
  • If the board receives it well, it’s a testament that you’ve done your job and earned their trust. Also, always inform the board when you negotiate a good deal or find ways to save the community money. Boards appreciate managers who think about lowering expenses and showing they care! 


That’s Game Time! 

Marty Wainer, LCAM

Regional Director of Property Management