Property Management Maintenance and Rules Reminders

At Seacrest Services, we know what it takes for South Florida communities to thrive. The property management services we provide are necessary to make every community successful and feel at ease knowing they have a team of industry-leading professionals in technology, management skills, and relational expertise to meet all of their specific needs.

A growing number of homes in the United States belong to either a Homeowners Association (HOA), Condominium Owners Association (COA), or Property Owners Association (POA). Seacrest Services offers full-service property management to all community and associations with our licensed, professional community association managers who are the “professional backbone” of the communities they serve. We provide the skills and expertise that are essential to the successful management of associations. We also provide professional accounting services and professional maintenance and janitorial services.

Now that summer is right around the corner, we should share a little bit of information on rules and reminders for property maintenance. Although there are certain behaviors and policies that we take for granted as being understood, sometimes communities need an updated reminder of policies and rules. Summertime means more community activities and people sharing communal areas. Many Seacrest Services properties have attached golf courses, tennis courts and pools in addition to ponds, fountains and other watery community areas.

This is the perfect time of year to review rules, regulations, and guidelines for community living, in addition to some of the most basic seasonal maintenance issues to attend to, such as:

-Air-conditioning units and reflective materials
-ATVs off-road vehicles, bicycles, boats, trailers, campers and commercial trucks
-Community access control and community patrol
-Construction days in hours of operation
-Exterior lighting and skylights (fences and walls too)
-Garages, garbage recycle and trash removal
-Gas tanks, containers and cylinders
-General maintenance and littering
-Golf carts
-Hurricane shutters
-Noise control and regulations
-Play and recreational equipment and devices
-Satellite dishes in exterior antennas
-Storage and meter areas

Summer Rules: Property Management Reminders

At Seacrest Services, we make sure that your community ushers in the change of seasons with a trained and experienced property management team. Our hands-on approach provides you with the accountability and supervision that every property deserves.

Moving into summer means reviewing certain safety and comfort-related codes and rules:

 Smoking: Several states (including Florida) have finally banned smoking in most public places. The ‘Florida Clean Indoor Air Act’ provides the uniform statewide code to keep public places and public areas free from tobacco smoke. By virtue of an amendment to the Florida Constitution last November, effective July 1, 2019, “vaping” will be also given the same status as “smoking.”
 Outdoor grilling: there are rules that prohibit the use of electric grills, gas-fired and charcoal grills on any balcony or under any overhanging portion or within ten feet of any structure. These codes are in effect for safety purposes, but should be reviewed by the board, especially for new homeowners. Fireplaces that are portable or leisure are not banned yet, but getting increasing attention. Counties and municipalities are required to enforce the current Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC), but each association should review it.
 Fire safety/sprinkler systems: with in-home smoking, candles, and fireplaces, fires are a constant concern for properties. Homeowners associations and property management teams have to ensure they’re following fire-safety mandates. There are several things to review, like knowing how often buildings need to be inspected, conducting fire drills; installing a life-safety system including things like sprinklers, smoke detectors, and ingress and egress lighting. Ideally, you should get an inspection of your buildings by your local fire department or fire marshal on an annual basis.
 Pets: many associations in South Florida and around the country have started to change their rules regarding pets to be a more welcoming atmosphere for animals. Non-pet-lovers cite noise, aggression and mess as their reasons for not wanting to share their properties. It takes a combination of courtesy, responsibility, accommodation, and respect of everyone who calls your community home to adhere to the rules. Homeowners are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules and regulations spelled out in governing documents, and ignorance of or disagreement with a particular rule is not considered legal grounds for flouting it.
 Pest control: nobody wants to deal with communities that are overrun with pests of any kind. This is the perfect time of year to stay on top of pest control, not just in communal areas, but in homes as well. In Florida, associations are protected by the law to be able to enter homes and condo units during reasonable hours when necessary for the maintenance, repair or replacement of any common elements or any portion of the unit to be maintained pursuant to the declaration- this includes pesky pests.

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All of our Seacrest Services property management personnel are state-licensed community association managers and undergo the Seacrest Services extensive, in-house training program. Quality service is of utmost importance to our valued clients, and therefore, the most basic expectation of the Seacrest management team.

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