What Should Property Management Services Include?

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Owning and operating either a commercial or residential property can come with some un-luxurious services that are required for your property to run smoothly. Not only can these services be time-consuming and difficult, they could hurt your property if not adequately addressed. Seacrest Services provides top quality services that not only provide these services regularly, but also ensures professionals conduct these services in order for your property to prosper. Having professionals conduct these services allows you to allocate your time elsewhere and ensures the services are done right the first time!

Maintenance and Janitorial Services

Maintenance and janitorial services are not the best part about owning and operating a property, but they are required to keep your property looking its best. Seacrest Services offers clients with an experienced management team that incorporates innovation and the latest building maintenance equipment to deliver the best quality of service. Seacrest Services’ management not only has the best equipment available, but also utilizes the best cleaning techniques and commercial janitorial supplies to repair and maintain your facility’s appearance. Seacrest Services’ management team provides its top of the line service in a timely and professional manner. The day-to-day community janitorial services that Seacrest Services provides include:

• Full service janitorial
• Monthly lighting checks and bulb replacement
• General cleaning and washing of building exterior
• Upkeep of pool and patio furniture
• Event setup and takedown

Landscape Services

Another service that is time-consuming is landscaping. However, landscaping is important because it provides the first impression of the property to your clients. Seacrest Services knows a well-groomed and beautiful landscape can enhance the visual appeal and value of your property. This reason is why Seacrest Services’ landscaping services deliver the highest quality service to your property! Seacrest Services’ team of dedicated and experienced landscaping professionals provide a variety of landscaping services, including:

• Landscape design
• Landscape maintenance
• Full irrigation service including design, installation, and maintenance
• Tree removal, installation, and care
• Lawn and ornamental pest control
• Turf management
• Planting and transplanting
• Seasonal maintenance
• Interior and exterior pest control

Many property owners hire multiple vendors to work on the individual aspects of the property. The problem with multiple vendors is that it is costly and not as efficient as hiring a team that provides services for these aspects all from one source! Simplify your vendors and hire one source to work on the individual aspects of the property: Seacrest Services! Some property owners also try to make landscaping a Do-It-Yourself project. The problem with making landscaping a DIY project is you’re not having professionals take care of your landscape, not allowing your property to look as luxurious as it can! Also, landscaping is even more time-consuming than maintenance and janitorial services, meaning you’re taking time away from other services and projects your property may need!

Give yourself peace of mind and allow Seacrest Services to manage your commercial or residential property in West Palm Beach. From full-service property management and professional accounting to complete landscaping and property maintenance needs, Seacrest Services offers a variety of services to benefit your property. Contact Seacrest Services today by calling (561) 697-4990 or visiting our website for our contact page at https://seacrestservices.com to set up a meeting to see how Seacrest Services can benefit your property!