Looking for a Great Company to Manage Condos?

We Provide Great Condo Property Management in West Palm Beach

Managing a condominium can be quite time-consuming. Navigating the several different aspects of condo property management in West Palm Beach, can also be stressful, plus you may also lack the tools and resources needed in order to single-handedly manage your property. At Seacrest Services, however, with our assistance, our clients will begin to see positive results right away. We like to focus on each area of property management, which is why we’ve made sure to incorporate different services targeting each specific client need.

Seacrest Services knows that there’s a combination of things that go into properly and successfully managing a condo. We work closely with our clients, in order to determine their needs and begin to elaborate a detailed plan that will help us moving forward. Establishing great communication with our clients, is also highly valuable to us because only then will we be able to understand what the property owner is trying to get out of this experience, and how we can help enhance the traits they already possess, finetuning the ones that require it. One of the perks of working with Seacrest Services is that we’re an in-house property management company. When you need assistance with condo property management in West Palm Beach, it is elemental to have a team of trustworthy and knowledgeable individuals that can handle not one, but many tasks and duties.

Among the services Seacrest Services offers are:

Maintenance Services

Crucial to any successful condo is the maintenance aspect. Does your property look presentable and is it active and functioning like it should? If things are out of order and in bad conditions that will be a reflection of you and your business model. The physical upkeep of your property is as important as anything else, and to ensure that tenants are satisfied and happy to live in your property, Seacrest Services works with experienced vendors, and has a great staff. We take care of janitorial work, as well as monthly lighting checks and bulb replacement, general cleaning and washing of building exterior, pressure cleaning, striping of parking lots and painting of parking numbers, on-site handyman services, and so much more!

Landscaping Services

At Seacrest, we also handle your landscaping needs. In fact, we have an entire department in charge of landscaping. We’re a certified landscaping contractor and have a licensed team on staff. No longer will you have to outsource this, and have to hire another company for something that we can handle too. After all, the aesthetic of your condominium is vital and it could very well be what differentiates you from your competitors, so you want to make sure that your property looks marvelous. That your trees and bushes are trimmed, that the lighting for your building is functioning, and that the front entrance is indicative of the great quality of life and service in your condo.

Accounting Services

We work with an accounting software intended for property management purposes. Jenark™ is a highly advance tool that allows our accounting department to operate, administrate, manage transactions and process and develop comprehensive reports. This give us as well as the clients some peace of mind, because it helps us check that things are running properly.

For additional information on Seacrest Services’ condo property management in West Palm Beach, contact us at (561) 697-4990. We have a 24/7 customer service department that’s there when you need it, and clients are able to view their accounts in live timing! Basically, our facility and our team have everything your condo will need to grow and embark on the path toward success. Seacrest Services, is proudly guiding communities into a better, brighter future!