Why Landscape Design is Not a DIY Project

Why Landscape Design in West Palm Beach is Not a DIY Project

Landscape design in West Palm Beach is not a job you’ll want to give to just anyone. It’s also not a job you’ll necessarily want to do yourself. The reason being is that plants are delicate. Florida’s plants, in particular, are sensitive to sunlight exposure as well as moisture absorption. While some thrive in well-lit environments that are heavily saturated, others prefer to stay in the cool, dry areas of the yard. When it comes to designing your property’s landscape layout, trust us when we say that you’ll want to call a professional. Seacrest Services offers quality landscape design in West Palm Beach, and we’ll have your property looking its best in no time.

Sprinklers are Part of Landscape Design in West Palm Beach

Many people forget that the sprinkler placement can make or break a garden. If plants are not getting enough water, the plants will suffer. Alternatively, did you know that there are certain types of sprinklers for different kinds of plants? Some sprinklers need to be placed very near to the ground, while others can be hoisted to reach a larger area or space.

Know Your Plants Before Planting

It’s essential that the landscape designer has a good idea of what type of plants will work with your property’s environment. For example, if the property is near the woods, there may be plants that will quickly become rabbit food. If the property is generally shaded, plants that need a lot of sunlight will not be right for the area. Having knowledge and understanding of different plants and what they need to survive is crucial when planting and maintaining your yard.

Know how to Maintain Your Garden

Last, but certainly not least, an expert will know how to maintain the yard properly. They’ll know where the plants will thrive best, how to best water them, and how often they need to be trimmed. Did you know that some plants need to be trimmed by hand as opposed to heavy machinery?

At Seacrest Services, we’re a property management company that provides a plethora of property services. We specialize in landscape design in West Palm Beach, as we are certified Horticulturists and members of the National Arborist Association. We’ll happily design your property’s garden layouts, while also proposing to do routine maintenance. If you’re looking for experience, dedication, and a job well done, you can trust Seacrest Services. As a property management company, we know what it takes to make a property successful. Increase your property’s appeal by calling 561-697-4990 today.