Why Do I Need a Property Manager?

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Owning a property can be a lucrative yet stressful business. There are so many components that go into maintaining a property, that you can begin to feel overwhelmed managing it all. Rather than drown in the stress, you can thankfully hire a property manager that can help you navigate through all the managing requirements. Seacrest Services is an experienced and licensed property management team that can deliver the accountability and supervision your property deserves.

Property Management

Seacrest Services understands how difficult it can be owning and managing a property. That’s why Seacrest Services was founded: to deliver the best property management services. Seacrest Services’ personnel are devoted to following this mission with top quality service. Seacrest Services offers a hands-on management system that executes a wide array of services, including:

•Review of your property on a regular basis and recommendations to the Board of Directors
•Obtaining bids and proposals for work to be performed and providing them to the Board for review
•Supervision of on-site personnel and contractors employed on the property
•Handling of all Association correspondence and routinely providing copies to the Board
•Attending meetings of the Board and/or committees to assess progress and assign tasks for action
•Preparing monthly management reports for the Board
•Assisting the Board in establishing specifications for Association insurance
•Obtaining and evaluating insurance bids
•Assisting the Board in the enforcement of Association rules and regulations
•Updating the Board regarding significant legislation, insurance, financial practices, court decisions, and tax rulings pertaining to the Association
•Offering the Board advice regarding administrative processes and responsibilities

Landscape Services

Another important part to owning a property is landscaping. Landscaping is an important aspect because it provides the first impression of the property to your clients. Seacrest Services knows a well-groomed and beautiful landscape can enhance the visual appeal and value of your property. This reason is why Seacrest Services’ landscaping services deliver the highest quality service to your property! Rather than hire multiple vendors to work on the individual aspects of your property, Seacrest Services provides services for these aspects all from one source. Seacrest Services’ team of dedicated and experienced landscaping professionals provide an array of services, including:

•Landscape design
•Landscape maintenance
•Full irrigation service including design, installation, and maintenance
•Tree removal, installation, and care
•Lawn and ornamental pest control
•Turf management
•Planting and transplanting
•Seasonal maintenance
•Interior and exterior pest control

Allow Seacrest Services to create a custom-tailored service plan that fits your commercial property or community association. Seacrest Services offers a wide range of services, from full-service property management and professional accounting to complete landscaping and property maintenance needs. If you’re ready to experience the Seacrest difference, contact us today by calling (561) 697-4990 or visiting our website for our contact page at https://seacrestservices.com.