What Are Key Essentials of Property Management?

Property Management West Palm Beach

Property management in West Palm Beach is common, as there are many condos, houses, and apartments that are being rented out on a daily basis. However, property management isn’t as easy or as straightforward as people tend to think. At Seacrest Services, we’re proud to say that we’ve dedicated our careers to helping property owners and homeowner associations manage their location with ease. There are three essential services that we offer that may be beneficial to you:

Maintenance with Property Management in West Palm Beach

If you thought that property management and maintenance were separate, think again. Seacrest Services brings those together! Maintenance is an incredibly important aspect of owning a location. First, you’ll want to maintain the garden so that your tenants feel they live in an oasis. You’ll also want to have a responsive contractor or technician on hand for any complaints from your residents. It is also important to have a janitor to keep the space clean all day, and all year round. At Seacrest Services, we provide our own incredible contacts of vendors. We’ve been working with them for years, so you can rest at ease knowing that they’re individuals and team members to be trusted.

Accounting with Seacrest Services

Not everyone knows that accounting services are a part of the Seacrest Services options. Our state-of-the-art technology can give you all of the answers you want, simply by touching a button! If you need assistance, one of our technicians would be happy to help. At Seacrest Services, we believe in being transparent with any and all information regarding your property. That’s why it’s available to you whenever you want it. We assist with maintaining a general ledger, preparing monthly receipts, supplying copies of the financial report to the Board of Directors, collecting deposits, and so much more.

Customer Service

We know that your residents are what keeps your company up and running. Therefore, we take their happiness very seriously. Our interactive Live Operator Customer Service Program helps to promote peaceful living standards while minimizing the owner’s or board’s involvement in the minuscule and daily pieces of management. We provide 24/7 live operators for clients, access to our online work order request system, and a detailed report for identifying all service requests.

When you’re choosing property management in West Palm Beach, don’t choose just anyone. Instead, choose the experts in the field. At Seacrest Services, property management, maintenance, and accounting are areas that we pride ourselves in exceeding expectations. Why Seacrest? The answer is simple – we’ll be by your side every step of the way. When you hire our team, your property is our property, and we can’t wait to help it flourish! Call us today at 561-697-4990.