Does Property Management Include Financial Services?

Total Quality with Seacrest Services

Your commercial or residential property comes with its own benefits and problems that make it unique. Your property has specific needs that need to be addressed, which is why you need a personal property manager instead of one who is cookie-cutter. Seacrest Services in West Palm Beach is devoted to providing the needed management services to address your property’s unique demands. Through Seacrest Services’ Total Quality Management Program, Seacrest Services can provide the highest level of service to your Association.

Total Quality Management Program

Seacrest Services’ Total Quality Management Program is an innovative and proactive approach to manage your property! By building a synergistic partnership between your Seacrest Services team and your Board, Seacrest Services’ Total Quality Management Program can deliver all controllable obligations every month with top quality service. Seacrest Services’ Total Quality Management Program adapts to your property’s specific needs and conditions to ensure Seacrest Services can manage your property efficiently and effectively. No two properties are the same, so why would your management system be the same as your competition?

Accounting and Financial Services

Seacrest Services understand that there’s no one accounting system that works for everyone, which is why Seacrest Services customizes your system to meet your property’s specific requirements. Your property is unique and deserves a unique accounting system! Seacrest Services offers a variety of accounting and financial services, including:

•Maintaining the general ledger
•Preparing monthly and year-to-date receipts and disbursement statements with budget comparisons
•Supplying copies of monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors each month
•Organizing all bills with proper account numbers and preparing checks to be drawn on Association checking account
•Maintaining an up-to-date owners’ roster
•Prepare and issue maintenance coupons to all unit owners, annually
•Maintaining a monthly accounts receivable report and providing it to the Board of Directors
•Collecting and depositing maintenance and other assessment payments and miscellaneous receipts
•Consulting with the Treasurer on an ongoing basis
•Providing an automatic account debit service for owners’ maintenance payments.
•Mail past due notices
•Receive maintenance and other assessment payments and miscellaneous receipts for deposit in the Association’s bank account on a timely basis
•Provide a lockbox service

Seacrest Services has served hundreds of South Florida properties over the years and has customized their systems to adhere to their unique structures and demands. By utilizing Seacrest Services’ accounting and financial services, you can be sure all of your Association’s accounting needs are properly and legally handled by professionals.

From full-service property management and professional accounting to complete landscaping and property maintenance needs, Seacrest Services offers a variety of services to benefit your commercial or residential property. Seacrest Services will work with you to design and implement a custom-tailored service plan that fits your property’s needs. If you’re ready to experience the Seacrest difference, contact us today by calling (561) 697-4990 or visiting our website for our contact page at