Update Information Form


In an effort to ensure all unit owners are kept apprised
of various matters related to your Community it requires your consent to receive this information electronically via email or text messaging. The
information may include general notices regarding your community such as storm notices, water problems, community projects, or community
events such as board meetings, holiday events, etc. Your authorization will only consent to matters of the community and will not be shared with
anyone such as third-party vendors and is protected through privacy and security measures provided by Seacrest Services, Inc. your Community
Association Company.

As a unit owner, I hereby voluntarily and explicitly authorize individuals associated with my Community Association to include but not limited to
Board Members, volunteers, investors, our Community Management Company Seacrest Services employees to use the above information without
penalty for Community-related communication. I/we understand that from time to time this communication may be used in lieu of standard mail
through the US Postal Service for official notices required by the governing documents and/ or by applicable Florida Law and/or Florida Statute.
The Association through Seacrest Services it’s Community Management Company shall maintain in accordance with applicable Florida Statutes
the electronic mailing address of unit owners who consent to receive notice by electronic transmission. I/we understand this authorization will
remain in effect until a written request to revoke/discontinue is submitted to Seacrest Services at any time. I/we agree to notify the Association
and Seacrest Services of any changes in my / our information.

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