Preparing South Florida Landscaping for Summer with Seacrest Services

Whether it’s tee time or teatime, now is the right time to prepare for luscious lawns and a green summer – to keep you on par with the best!
The temperatures are going to be spiking before we know it, and it’s time to prepare for the heat, storms and humidity that occur in South Florida. The unrelenting sun and extreme weather pack a potent punch to your lawns, plants and properties. This is why properly maintaining your landscape is so critical to its overall health and well-being. Is your landscape ready for the summer?

Trees, gardens and lawns survived winter and likely needed some TLC for spring regeneration and renewal. Now is the perfect time to commit to a little proactive planning, and getting your summer landscape projects underway! Seacrest Services can help you with proactive preparation for the summer sizzle so you can have a beautiful community landscape throughout the hot summer season!

Seacrest Services of Deerfield Beach offers comprehensive landscape services that eliminate the hassle of hiring multiple vendors and ensure you receive the highest quality services from just one easy source. Our dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable landscape professionals is composed of:

• Certified landscape irrigation contractors
• Certified nursery professionals
• Lawn and ornamental certified pest control operators
• National Arborist Association members
• Certified horticulturists

Seacrest Services: Preparing Your Landscape for Summer

Seacrest Services’ clients often ask how we keep their properties and lawns so beautiful. It’s more than just applying the right fertilizer; water and turf management means taking a creative and dynamic approach to the grounds that we manage, and it shows in the expert results that we achieve for our clients.

Summertime can present some of the toughest lawn care issues in South Florida. Although choosing the right grass plants and providing conscientious year-round lawn care will help your lawn become more heat tolerant, water restrictions may mean developing plans for more deep roots systems.

In addition, Florida trees require a lot of attention, and tree care tends to have people stumped; tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, tree stump grinding…all require top-notch arborists and landscaping artists.

Here are a few Seacrest suggestions to prepare your community’s landscape for summer:

• Pruning: Pruning flowering shrubs or trees after the last flowers have withered but before the new buds have set guarantees a well-shaped tree or shrub and keeps you from removing the buds for next year’s blooms. Proper pruning is also a good way to prevent property damage in the event of storms.

• Tree trimming: Trim dead, damaged, or diseased limbs, especially those that are close to homes or power lines. Scan and monitor around the landscape for any decayed, cracked, or hollowed trees, removing them to minimize the possibility of a storm uprooting them.

• Irrigation: Watering deeply and less frequently can encourage the roots to grow deeper and help plants tolerate drought and heat better. Now is a good time to check that your irrigation systems are working properly and not leaking. You may even want to install a rain sensor to turn off sprinklers and irrigation when it rains.

• Grasses: Make sure you have consulted with a professional when choosing a grass for your community’s common ground and residential yards. Selecting the proper heat and drought-tolerant grass is very important because not all grasses can stand up to the heat of South Florida summers.

• Decorative plants: Summer is the perfect time to plant ornamental plants and herbs that thrive in heat, such as basil, rosemary and cilantro-which also do a great job repelling mosquitos. As we come into summer it is important to consider where you are planting your flowers, and look for plants that will do well in the specific areas of a property. Choosing the right plants can save you time and can also attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators, which will be a benefit to your community’s environment.

• Insects and pests: The balmy weather in Florida does attract insects, pests and problems. You will need to look for aphids on new plant growth, as well as thrips, mites, and scales on plants and flowers. Even lawn insects can cause widespread issues. Consider using organic or natural products, as they are less harmful to the environment if they end up in groundwater or on other plants.

• Hurricane preparedness: In addition to checking trees for damaged or weakened branches, there are other adjustments you can make such as using mulch to control weeds instead of rocks or pebbles. You can manage the property by bringing inside things like potted plants and decorations that could be potentially dangerous if a storm occurs. It’s also a good idea to stake new trees and plants in order for them to stay put.

Summer Landscaping: The Seacrest Services Promise

With Seacrest Services, you can rest easy knowing that our landscaping team has the expertise and experience to create and maintain a lush, healthy landscape for your properties. Projects of all sizes require substantial coordination, resources and time. We are grounded in years of successful landscape maintenance experience and like to keep high-quality projects on track with the perfect end goal in mind. The Seacrest Services landscape team promises to ensure that the right equipment, tools, and materials will be on site when they are needed.

Do you have a new property in need of landscaping? Do you want to plant and prepare for the summer? Does your landscape simply need some sprucing up? Before you look to other Florida landscape companies to help you maintain your property, find out what Seacrest Services can do for you. We know that after you hear about our cost-effective solutions, unmatched work ethic and talented crew of landscaping professionals, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t called us sooner!