Why You Need a Professional Landscaper

When you are searching the Internet for a knowledgeable and experienced property management company in the West Palm Beach area, look no further than Seacrest Services. We pride ourselves on serving each property or community with a tailored plan suited to your environment and specific needs. As experts in property management, we know that every community has different needs. And we also know that landscaping is an essential part of your community’s overall appearance. Many landscaping companies in West Palm Beach can help you achieve the look you desire, but how do you know that you’re going to get high-quality work and craftsmanship in return? Choosing a specialized landscaping company with commitment, an artistic eye, and dedication can take your property from just average to outstanding. If you attempt to do it on your own or hire amateurs, you may be wasting time and money. If you’re looking for unparalleled professional landscape design in West Palm Beach, Seacrest Services, a leading property management company, should top your list.

Try Our Landscaping Company in West Palm Beach

At Seacrest Services, we’re a property management company dedicated to providing the highest quality services to all of our clients. Part of what we do best is to offer everything a community or a property will ever need. For example, if you’re looking for a landscaping company, we have the team that will transform your property in no time. Not only do we have an eye for landscape and details, but we also understand how to make plant life thrive. We know which plants need sun, shade, more water, or less water. In our strategic garden designs, we’ll place everything in a location that will be collectively beautiful, as well as beneficial for growth and longevity. Landscape design in West Palm Beach is not a job you’ll want to give to just anyone. It’s also not a job you’ll necessarily want to do yourself. The reason being is that plants are delicate. Florida’s native plants, in particular, are sensitive to sunlight exposure as well as moisture absorption.

We’re Certified Horticulturists Ready to Beautify Your Garden

Did you know that Seacrest Services is part of the National Arborist Association? We’re also certified horticulturists. Our landscaping services consist of design, maintenance, and verified knowledge to keep your property’s landscape thriving for years to come. If you’re looking for landscape design companies in West Palm Beach, choose only the best–Seacrest Services. As a property management company, Seacrest Services has the professionalism to get the job done efficiently and on time. Don’t skimp on quality landscaping when it’s such an essential part of your community’s appearance. If you’re ready to makeover your property with a new landscape design, don’t hesitate to call Seacrest Services today at 561-697-4990.

Does Property Management Include Financial Services?

Your commercial or residential property comes with its own benefits and problems that make it unique. Your property has specific needs that need to be addressed, which is why you need a personal property manager instead of one who is cookie-cutter. Seacrest Services in West Palm Beach is devoted to providing the needed management services to address your property’s unique demands. Through Seacrest Services’ Total Quality Management Program, Seacrest Services can provide the highest level of service to your Association.

Total Quality Management Program

Seacrest Services’ Total Quality Management Program is an innovative and proactive approach to manage your property! By building a synergistic partnership between your Seacrest Services team and your Board, Seacrest Services’ Total Quality Management Program can deliver all controllable obligations every month with top quality service. Seacrest Services’ Total Quality Management Program adapts to your property’s specific needs and conditions to ensure Seacrest Services can manage your property efficiently and effectively. No two properties are the same, so why would your management system be the same as your competition?

Accounting and Financial Services

Seacrest Services understand that there’s no one accounting system that works for everyone, which is why Seacrest Services customizes your system to meet your property’s specific requirements. Your property is unique and deserves a unique accounting system! Seacrest Services offers a variety of accounting and financial services, including:

•Maintaining the general ledger
•Preparing monthly and year-to-date receipts and disbursement statements with budget comparisons
•Supplying copies of monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors each month
•Organizing all bills with proper account numbers and preparing checks to be drawn on Association checking account
•Maintaining an up-to-date owners’ roster
•Prepare and issue maintenance coupons to all unit owners, annually
•Maintaining a monthly accounts receivable report and providing it to the Board of Directors
•Collecting and depositing maintenance and other assessment payments and miscellaneous receipts
•Consulting with the Treasurer on an ongoing basis
•Providing an automatic account debit service for owners’ maintenance payments.
•Mail past due notices
•Receive maintenance and other assessment payments and miscellaneous receipts for deposit in the Association’s bank account on a timely basis
•Provide a lockbox service

Seacrest Services has served hundreds of South Florida properties over the years and has customized their systems to adhere to their unique structures and demands. By utilizing Seacrest Services’ accounting and financial services, you can be sure all of your Association’s accounting needs are properly and legally handled by professionals.

From full-service property management and professional accounting to complete landscaping and property maintenance needs, Seacrest Services offers a variety of services to benefit your commercial or residential property. Seacrest Services will work with you to design and implement a custom-tailored service plan that fits your property’s needs. If you’re ready to experience the Seacrest difference, contact us today by calling (561) 697-4990 or visiting our website for our contact page at https://seacrestservices.com.

Looking for Property Management in South Florida?

Have you been down this road before, when in your property management company search, you’ve found that countless property management companies promise heaven and earth, but when it comes to acting and turning plans into a reality, frequently disappoint you? How can we be so certain that you’ve been through this? We looked at those same companies as an example of what we should steer away from. At Seacrest, our vision is larger and more ambitious. Some may say a little too unrealistic, but we believe that where there’s hard work and passion, nothing is impossible. Years ago, we had a mission to provide efficient, customizable, and convenient services that could improve the lives and businesses of our clients. Today, we are proud to say that we’ve been ceaselessly fulfilling our mission and commitment to our clients. We’ve grown and grown, and our imagination and talent have evolved all because of our amazing team. Seacrest isn’t just a business, it’s a community. We birth and foster ideas that continuously transform the lives of our customers for the better. If you’re enthusiastic about becoming one of the thousands of clients whose investments have excelled and whose lives are on an incline, then this may be the perfect time to reach out to the Seacrest Services team. Let us show you what our property management company in West Palm Beach can do!

Property Management in West Palm Beach Built for You!

At Seacrest Services, we believe in offering our customers unique and effective management plans that will adapt to their particular needs. For us, it’s pointless and problematic to design a property management plan that was meant for a different kind of property where the owner’s intent is different from yours. The purpose you hope to fulfill with your property must be reflected in your property management plan. Seacrest is a dream incubator that is capable of taking your ideas and turning each area of your property into a masterpiece. When you hire us to handle your property management in West Palm Beach, you’re not simply contracting a team to take care of your property’s finances, but you’re also collaborating with experts in janitorial services, management services, landscaping services, and much more. In case you didn’t know, Seacrest is an in-house property management company, which is basically code for, “your wishes are our commands.” We can professionally and expertly bring your property management plans to life. Working with the experienced and well-trained team at Seacrest Services will be as exciting as it can be rewarding.

Property Management in West Palm Beach You Can Trust

If you’re still not sure about what property management company you’d like to work with, we’ll give you some time to weigh your options. We are confident that you will come back. Once you see what our lifelong clients have to say about us, there won’t be any doubts. For more information about our incredible services and opportunities, call Seacrest Services today. We are looking forward to working with you.

Your Community Management Checklist

The life of a community manager in South Florida is a very busy one! As an HOA and community management company, Seacrest Services knows all too well that whatever brings balance in the life of a community manager will make them the best. Our Seacrest Services community mangers spend many fruitful hours a day just making sure that they are providing the best communication and community association service possible.

With all of the potentially heavy workload, our community managers have learned to balance the juggling act with some of the best community management practices and cutting-edge technology. Seacrest Services is proud to share that we are the 2019 recipients of the Florida Community Association Journals Readers’ Choice, Diamond Level Awards for Property Management and Landscape Services. We have learned over the years how to fine-tune the balance of full-service property management and can tailor a specific plan for every unique community association and their managers.

There are some associations that try to forego a management company and have their board and its officers implement their day-to-day operations. However, this is no small task and one that is done more effectively by a professional management company like Seacrest Services. We have the years of experience and know-how to back up everything from site management to accounting services, to landscaping and maintenance.

While there is no legal requirement that an association needs a professional manager or management company like Seacrest Services, if the association does hire a person or company to act as the association’s manager, the person or entity should be properly licensed because their role in providing the best community management services is an important and all-encompassing one! All of our Seacrest Services property management personnel are state licensed community association managers and undergo our extensive in-house training program.

Our Seacrest Services community association managers take care of all of the operations of condos, cooperatives and planned communities through the homeowners or community association. Our talented team of some of the best community managers in South Florida can assist the board with such vitally important jobs as controlling and disbursing association funds, preparing budgets or other financial statements for the community association, assisting in providing notice of or conducting association meetings and collecting amounts due the association, complying with association government rules and regulations, and so much more!

Here are some of the ways that our amazing community association managers balance being the best at their jobs:

1) The are the best at communication: Community association managers are constantly practicing effective communication, whether they are taking calls or emails from homeowners, board members, and even vendors. Making sure that everyone feels that they are being heard and nurtured takes practice and professionalism. Seacrest Services provides some of the best technology for bulk email and texting to help redirect and organize all of those calls to one seamless experience.

2) Making use of the newest in technology: At Seacrest Services, we like to use modern software and technology that allows for two-way communication. It is very important for effective community management that our community mangers can keep a record of all conversations viewable to anyone on your team with total transparency, reducing the risk of something being missed.

3) Using the best practices for mobile site management: Community association managers have the important site management tasks of following and upholding the rules, otherwise home values run the risk of decreasing and communities in general can be seen in bad light. With Seacrest Services mobile site management, our community managers can cut down on the time it takes to upload photos or input notes and send it straight to the office. Whether they are checking on maintenance issues, inspecting for rule violations, coordinating orders, or improving the community with lawn care, pool cleaning, or any one of our comprehensive services available at Seacrest, our community managers have to greatest flexibility right at their fingertips.

All of our valued homeowners and board members find their experience with Seacrest Services more than meets their expectations. Some of our greatest strength is in our flexibly and experienced business operations skills. The best community managers at Seacrest Services provide optimum balance with streamlined communication, quality mobile experience, and the ability to deliver faster, more consistent, superior customer service that fosters growth and prosperity. By choosing Seacrest Services, you can rest assured knowing that you community will be led into a successful future with a hands-on approach that provides you with the accountability and supervision that every property needs.

How to Budget for a Residential Community

Although there has been concern in Florida that has highlighted the importance of adequate budget planning and preparation for every HOA, the beauty of good budgeting with Seacrest Services ensures a year of impeccable community association governance. At Seacrest Services, we take great pride in the longevity of our client relationships and continued customer satisfaction with Seacrest’s superior HOA budgeting and property management services. Seacrest Services maintains the highest levels of experienced employees in the industry and can tailor a specific plan for your community association or commercial property, from full-service property management and professional accounting services, to complete landscaping and property maintenance!

For boards of directors across the country, Autumn is known as the somewhat dreaded “budget season,” where budget meetings and discussions serve as the important starting point for different ideas about the community. Even though HOA budgeting can seem like an overwhelming task, with Seacrest Services by your side, we can simplify that task by making sure there is sufficient time to do the necessary work and planning – and by taking it one step at a time. The beauty of good budgeting with Seacrest Services is when we consider both your anticipated and unexpected community expenses and accurately assess sources of income and help avoid problems to ensure your HOA’s financial stability.

At Seacrest Services, we have the most comprehensive list of services for community association budgeting with accounting and financial services that includes:

-Maintaining the general ledger
-Preparing monthly and year-to-date receipts and disbursement statements with budget comparisons
-Supplying copies of monthly financial reports to the board of directors each month
-Organizing all bills with proper account numbers and preparing checks to be drawn on Association checking account
-Maintaining an up-to-date owners’ roster
-Prepare and issue maintenance coupons to all unit owners, annually
-Maintaining a monthly accounts receivable report and providing it to the Board of Directors
-Collecting and depositing maintenance and other assessment payments and miscellaneous receipts (these funds are kept separate from other funds managed by Seacrest)
-Consulting with the treasurer on an ongoing basis
-Providing an automatic account debit service for owners’ maintenance payments
-And so much more

Community Association Management and Budgeting with Seacrest Services

A community association management company is responsible for some basic services that can be offered to our communities, including some of the best budgeting in all of South Florida! At Seacrest Services, we know that budget season is the perfect time to reflect on what has or has not worked effectively in the past, and when to consider current needs when looking to the future.

The most effective way to budget for your community is to start by gathering the association’s financial documents from the previous two years, because having this much data helps to make better-informed decisions. Next, we can take this information and create a careful business and budget plan for the upcoming year that outlines annual, month-to-month goals. As we assist with crafting the budget for the coming year, we urge community associations to consider the special needs of their community, reviewing their most recent financial reports and previous budget performance. We keep in mind that reserves are the cornerstone of success for your community association. Some of the other areas to focus on while doing the best budgeting for your community association are:

-Requests for proposals: send out requests for all contracted services, including pool management, lawn care/ landscaping, trash removal, insurance policies, audits and tax preparations
-Focus on importance: Insurance, utilities, and labor costs should be your budget focus. Review before you renew insurance coverage and see about savings in water and electricity
-Anticipate repairs: maintenance, repair and utilities expenses are important in South Florida, so it’s best to look at what those costs were in the previous year and asses new costs you expect in the coming year
-And so much more

For a complete list of helpful tips for the best budgeting this year, contact the experts at Seacrest Services. At Seacrest Services, we believe that the heart of a thriving HOA is transparency, cooperation, and collaboration. The best financial governance of a condo or HOA community does not end with the simple creation of the annual budget. The beauty of good budgeting with Seacrest Services is that you will have our guidance through a month-to-month process where boards review the budget against actual costs and maintain management practices that are central to the fiscal health of a community and its property values.

How Hiring On-Site Management Can Benefit Your Community

At Seacrest Services, we know how challenging it can be to find the right fit for on-site management services for your community in Stuart and Martin County. Seacrest Services is recognized as one of the top choices for comprehensive on-site management services in South Florida because of our proven management systems, sound guidance, and decades of management experience. Our approach to managing your community with on-site services will ensure that the job is done right, because we care about your community.

Our on-site management services also help homeowner associations to foster a real sense of community by increasing communication, coordinating association events, and helping increase member involvement. Seacrest Services specializes in preserving and enhancing the lifestyle of every community.

Your Stuart or Martin County community is sure to benefit from our exceptional and consistent service, as we are able to recognize and meet your community’s unique needs, expectations, and service level. From full-service property management services to accounting, and complete landscaping and property maintenance, Seacrest Services can provide optimal on-site management for your commercial property or community association. As your number one on-site management company, we act as your “boots on the ground” for the optimal day-to-day operations of your communities, associations, and properties.

Seacrest Services on-site management teams are committed to forming long-term, genuine partnerships with residents as we service HOA boards and community associations with administrative and accounting needs. We are available as a resource for a comprehensive scope of duties. Seacrest Services proactively manages every detail in a comprehensive community management program that emphasizes:

Board Meetings: As your on-site management company, Seacrest Services can facilitate and document board meetings, draft meeting agendas, distribute the information packet to board members prior to the meeting, attend meetings, follow up on action items, and so much more.

Community Checks and Walk Throughs: As your on-site management company, Seacrest Services can devote time and attention to ensuring that the community looks as good, is safe and well maintained, noting any safety issues in common areas, and subsequently bringing it to the board’s attention. We can make sure that all residents are doing their part to uphold the rules and regulations set forth by the association.

Accounting: As fiduciaries for your community association, Seacrest Services has a legal obligation to act in the best interest of your HOA. An on-site management company’s duties are defined by state law, and other tasks are important financial duties that the HOA board often does not have time to manage – which could be dues collection, accounts payable, and more.

Daily Janitorial and Maintenance Services: Our technicians are prepared to handle all daily aspects of janitorial and maintenance, which includes expert landscaping!

24/7 Customer Service: Our interactive “Live Operator Customer Service Program” is tailored to fit the unique needs of each association we oversee. This approach helps to promote a harmonious living environment all while reducing the need for direct board involvement in day-to-day issues.

With Seacrest Services as your Property Management Team, we understand that your residents are the lifeblood of your community, which is why providing quality customer service to each of them is our privilege. Contact us today to learn more about how Seacrest Services HOA property management can impact your community.

What You Need To Know About Hiring Association Management

Community associations and commercial properties in Martin County are often in need of property management and maintenance, but don’t always know where to turn. If the daily demands and details of your property management need attention, then look no further than Seacrest Services. If your residents need more assistance, file more maintenance claims, and need top-notch support, there are many benefits to hiring a property management team. If you’re a commercial building or part of a community association, make lives more comfortable and residents happier by calling Seacrest Services today.

A property management company can help with accounting, the physical needs of a property, with building maintenance, landscaping, janitorial services, and more. The professionals at Seacrest Services, are attentive to the specific needs and culture of the properties we oversee. Some buildings, for example, have certain requirements that only an attentive property management company like Seacrest Services can provide. A professional management company will work closely with the property’s boards of directors to ensure that everything is being administered as desired.

Seacrest Services helps residents in Stuart and Martin County with trustworthy contractors, landscapers, and maintenance crews. In many ways, a well-established property management company like Seacrest Services can basically take care of almost every residential community’s need! Seacrest Services, Inc. is a perfect example of property management in Martin County that provides excellent services to all our clients. As a full-service property management company, we bring quality and care to every location we manage. Also, incredible management can gain the trust of residents, grow the reputation of a property, and aesthetically ensure the property is always in beautiful condition. If you’re looking for a new property management company in Stuart and Martin County, Seacrest Services Inc. is the team to handle it all. Call us today and let Seacrest Services do what we do best.

What You Need in a Landscaping and Management Company

If you’re a residential property owner, there’s a good chance that you’re constantly looking for new landscaping talent to improve the aesthetics and overall exterior of your property. After all, everyone knows that the visuals of your property are just as important as the efficiency with which the property is run. Every potential resident will instantly be attracted to the way the property looks first. No one wants to invest and spend their lives living in a condo or building that simply isn’t reflective of their tastes and lifestyles. Seacrest Services understands that very well, which is why we’ve worked hard to be among the “Top Ten” landscaping and management companies in Martin County. Throughout the years we’ve managed to keep our position. Want to know how? Here are a few reasons why Seacrest Services is so successful:

1) Fully Licensed and Certified Landscaping Team

It’s no secret that if you want to be among the best landscaping and management companies in Stuart and Martin County, you need to have a team of fully-certified and licensed staff who are competent and capable of handling any project, no matter the size or the set budget. At Seacrest Services, our willingness to adapt and speak to the needs of the community and to offer personalized and efficient services has and will always continue to keep us at the top.

2) Highly Advanced Technology and Equipment 

Seacrest Services believes in giving our team the tools and resources they need to provide outstanding work. This is precisely why we’re committed to putting highly advanced and technological equipment at the disposal of both our landscaping and management team. We understand that the quality of the machinery that the personnel works with is just as important as their knowledge and accumulated experience in the field.

3) Communication is Key for Every Team

All our Seacrest Services team members value great communication between the client and the team in charge of each project. Having a good grasp of the needs and wants of our valued clients is the key to performing our job well. Therefore, before we even think about getting started on any project, we first establish an open channel of communication with every client to fully understand what he or she is hoping to get out of their experience with us.

When looking for top-of-the-line landscaping and management companies in Stuart and Martin County, reach out to Seacrest Services today. Our innovative approach to property management and landscaping in Martin County sets us apart from the competition. With over 40 years of experience in the field, in addition to all the necessary qualifications and state-of-the-art equipment, we are fully prepared to turn your dreams for your property into a reality.

Looking for a Local Company to Manage Your Community?

Managing a community association on your own is not impossible, but it’s not always ideal. On the other hand, having the assistance of an established property management company can significantly improve the experience of the day-to-day management of your association. If you’re thinking of shifting the way you’re currently operating your community, and you’re doing a search for “property management companies near me,” Seacrest Services is the property management company for you.

You can always rely on our team to provide timely and efficient services. Whether you’re looking for accounting and financial experts to help you manage and track your finances, or you’re in dire need of maintenance services to help your property look and function the way it’s supposed to, our full-service approach can cover it all. Unlike other management companies, our business model speaks to all the needs of our clients. After all, that’s the intention with which Seacrest Services was founded. If you’re searching for “property management companies near me,” you want to make sure that the company you choose to work with has access to all the various departments you will need in the process of administering your property.

Along with property management, maintenance and accounting services, Seacrest also facilitates landscaping design services. We have a complete department devoted to landscaping and groundskeeping needs. Our fully certified and licensed personnel not only have the preparation and the experience to take on any landscaping project, but they also have access to highly advanced equipment to do their jobs well and in a timely manner. When looking for “property management companies near me,” you also need to be certain that the company you select has an efficient customer service department. At Seacrest Services, that is without a doubt one of our strengths. Our customer service department is fully available 24/7, which means that whatever concern or question you must ask our team, you can get in contact with us and get answers right away!

Get in touch with the team of experts at Seacrest Services by calling us at (561) 697-4990. If you’re looking for “property management companies near me” that offer efficient and comprehensive services in all key departments of property management, look no further, Seacrest Services is the team you’ve been looking for.

Why Seacrest Services is the Property Management Company For You

If you are a member of a community association in the West Palm Beach area, chances are you will need the adept assistance of a property management company to help you better navigate the administration of your association. While you can certainly choose to take care of the property on your own and devote yourself to running the property, having a team of prepared and experienced experts makes things easier. Here are just some of the reasons why you will want to choose Seacrest Services for residential property management in West Palm Beach.

1) Great Management Services 

We pride ourselves in offering top-of-the-line property management services to citizens of West Palm Beach and beyond. With a team of skilled professionals and a range of resources and tools at our disposal, we have managed to deliver quality results to our clients every single time. Our personnel not only work with highly advanced technology to provide the best service, but we also communicate with residents to gain an understanding of their vision and goals for their community and develop a tailored strategy.

2) Advanced Accounting and Financial Services 

Seacrest Services is known to be a full-service property management company, and following that business model, we have found it imperative to have an outstanding finance and accounting team working under our supervision as well. Community associations require management in all sorts of departments, and the accounting sector is an area that cannot be overlooked if you’re trying to run a prosperous community association. Our accounting staff works with the best technology has to offer. Operations, transactions, reports, and several other accounting tasks are all run through Jenark™, a comprehensive property management software that even allows clients to see their accounts in real time.

3) Personalized Customer Service 

We know that every community is different, and the needs of your community will most likely vary from that of another in the West Palm Beach area. This is precisely why at Seacrest, we are committed to providing highly personalized customer service. The service you are receiving from management shouldn’t be a general one size fits all, but rather an in-depth personalized review and understand of what your community requires. Seacrest Services believes in 24/7 community support, which is why we staff our own customer service department, which is available every day, at any hour of the day.

At Seacrest Services, we also have a fully licensed landscape design and maintenance team, and an onsite maintenance personnel department. When looking for the best community association property management company in West Palm Beach, contact the experts at Seacrest Services at (561) 697-4990. We can’t wait to lead your community into the future.